Hollywood stars ’ losing weight tips after child-birth


Hollywood stars are just a normal person like any other one, who still have stretch marks and overloaded weight after birth. However, they always know how to slim down very quickly in just a few months from the moment their baby was born.

Jessica Alba


Though being mom to two children, this famous Hollywood actress is rarely seen in “excess weight” because she knows how to take care of herself in the best way. In an interview with Natural Health Magazine, Jessica described her daily meals as follows: In the morning, she would like to eat half a banana, cereal and almond milk. For lunch, she has salads and nuts. Her ideal dinner is chicken and vegetable. The menu which includes fresh foods and green vegetables is always Jessica’s number one choice after her birth.

Daphne Oz

After the birth of daughter Philomena in 2014, Oz shared with Fitness magazine how she can get in shape before birth without affecting the care for her beloved child. Specifically, Daphne Oz said she was overweight during her childhood, then she started to go on diets with foods such as lean meat, chicken, vegetables and fish. By this, Oz can control her weight and sugar consumption. With such diets, she has consistently maintained till college and possessed a slender body.


During pregnancy, Oz ate nutritious foods regularly so her weight has increased dramatically. After the baby was born, Oz maintained the diet as maiden, besides, she shared: “To motivate myself to constantly lose weight, I even put on sportswear when going out to force me to always be in the practice state”. Adriana LimaVictoria’s Secret’s super model almost immediately come back on the catwalk not very long from her baby’s born, what’s the secret?In an interview with Good Morning America program, Lima said: “The most important thing is you have to adjust your diet. Eat foods rich in protein, low-carbohydrate and a lot of vegetables. Last but not least, go out and do exercise more often”. She also shared that she is a good eater. However, she prefers boiled or steamed foods instead of fried ones. Though the food is not so tasty, she still sticks to the slimming down plan seriously and combines with sport training to deliver the best results in dropping weight. Halle BerryAccording to The Women’s Health, Halle split into five meals a day, each one contains five different foods. She did this for five weeks. Also, she did yoga and boxing. Every week, she spent five hours of doing cardio. Thanks to proper regime and exercising, after a short period of childbirth, she is confident to show her sexy curves before the media.



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