Healthy habits to have stronger emotion


Have you ever expressed some kinds of negative emotional indicators like crying at the drop of a hat, getting angry or feeling worried all the time. There is nothing “wrong” with these emotion and you needn’t have to care about how to eliminate your feelings to tackle them, just follow these following easy and simple ways:

stronger emotion

  1. Accept the vulnerability

Learning how to strengthen your emotion fitness is not the same as becoming invulnerable. Indeed, vulnerability is considered to be vitall in forming and developing your ability to connect, communicate with others, to experience and simply to accept yourself, and more importantly to strive for achievement as understanding that setbacks happen. However, you should try to reject perfectionism, which is often confused with healthy ambition for excellence. In fact, perfectionism usually comes from a fear of vulnerability, the dream of “being perfect” so that we will not have feeling of loss or fear.

  1. Develop your confidence

Confidence (having the ability to control one’s emotion) is regarded as the key to make your emotion stronger. It means that when something bad arises, bear in mind that you can manage and overcome this obstacle easily without minding whatever it may be.

  • Remind all the difficulties you have dealt with are getting and learning experiences
  • Create a list of things you like about yourself: they may be skills, personal strengths, achievements or whatever
  • Set a challenge to accomplish, when you have achieved this goal, let’s honor your success to motivate yourself
  • Don’t compare yourself to other people

3. Pay attention to your physical health.

Of course, your physical health will affect your emotional health directly, and vice versa. Strengthening your physical health will significantly help you feel less stressful as well as increase your feeling of well-being and handle your emotions easily. Exercising is an essential part of keeping emotion fit and healthy. When exercising, your body will release endorphins that help you feel happy. Many researches have indicated that regular exercises make you feel happier and calmer

  1. Enhance the emotional stamina.

Another way to develop emotional strength is concentrating on positive emotions like compassion or gratitude. Experts have shown that people who practice active gratitude regularly are more resilient in tackling trauma and stay far away from the suffering and negative things in life like learning or survival experiences.

  1. Replace negative thoughts with more positive

One of the ruminating loops is getting stuck on the same negative thought in many times. Instead of getting yourself to think the same thoughts, issues over and over, let’s challenge these negative and exaggerated thoughts, and try to focus on productive and realistic ideas.

These above are 5 easy tips of healthy life style that you can take up to make your emotion stronger and more powerful.



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