Healthy foods and their side effects


Even nutritious foods which are good for health can cause some unwanted consequences if we do not know how to use properly. Recent studies have shown that some nutritious foods also have adverse effects on your health. Below is a list of healthy foods and their side effects :

  1. Chewing gum

Chewing too much gum can get you in a lot of troubles. You will tend to eat more fast food and less fruits as well as vegetables. For this reason, you may put on weight and have problems with your digestion. Chewing also makes temporomandibular joint overactive, causing pain. Also, chewing increases the risk of abdominal pain and flatulency.

Chewing gum

  1. Carrot

Carrots have many effects on health, especially the eyes. However, since it is rich in carotene and insoluble fiber content, when you eat too much, the pigments in carrots can cause jaundice and constipation. Also, when eating carrot, hemoglobin in carrot can turn into methemolobine – substances that can cause you poisoned.


3. Soybean

Many people believe that soybean is very good for health and try to eat or drink as much as possible but maybe they do not know about its side affects. Soybean have bad impact on reproductive health of men, particularly, eating more will reduce the amount of sperm. For this, anyone who wish to have baby should limit the amount of soybean intake.For women, soybean if abused may increase the risk of hypothyroidism.People with gout when eating more soybean will be in severe pain, swelling, inflammation since this kind of food contain high level of purines. Besides the side effects like indigestion, impaired kidney function will also occur if you use too much soybean.


4. Broccoli

For your information, vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower contain goitrogens that can cause disfunction of the thyroid gland. Eating too much can cause hypothyroidism and health problems such as obesity, cardiovascular disease.

green vegetable

5. Tomatoes

Foods such as tomatoes and citrus fruits have high acidic, which can cause heartburn and unpleasant sensations. More than that, eating too much tomatoes make the amount of sodium in the body increase and then excessive , causing nutritional imbalance. As the consequence, the body will hardly be able to absorb green vegetable.

6. Nuts

Healthy foods like nuts often have a large amount of tyramine. This compound is produced by the breakdown of the amino acids tyrosine and increases blood flow to the brain, causing headaches. So the next time you eat any kind of nuts, carefully consider the amount you will have in order to avoid its side effects.


7. Asparagus


Asparagus contains a sulfur compound called mercaptans which when eaten too much can cause severe body odor, dry mouth and adversely affect the gut, for example constipation and other abdominal problems.

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