Harmful Effects OfSmoking On People Health


1.Affect blood pressure and heart rate

When smoking,the smoke will cause some immediate impacts on the heart and blood vessels. It also stimulates the autonomic nervous system of the heart. In the first minutes of the smoke, the heart rate begins to rise. Another important effect of smoking is increasing acute and fluctuating blood pressure while hypertension can lead to heart diseases

2.Affect the lung function

Structural changes in the lung of smokers reduceits ability to get oxygen. The lung also isnarrowed the surface area and capillary network. This leads to a decreased supply of necessarynutrients and oxygen for lung tissue and other parts in the body. Especially, smoking is a main cause of lung cancer.

3.Damage oocytes

Smoking causes a direct damage to oocytes, lead to infertility. Nicotine can effectively prevent the formation of protective layer called the mantle. This class prevents other sperms from entering the egg after having one enters .These embryos are more likely to die during the development or spontaneous miscarriage.

4.Reduce ability to exercise

Effects on the heart and the lungs of tobacco can prevent body from participating in any activities. The heart rate of smokers tend to be faster, poorer circulatedthat is not suitable for doing physical exercises. This makes your health even more serious.

5.Cause mouth cancer

Compared with nonsmokers, smokers have 6 timeshigher risk of oral cancer. The most common symptoms of the disease include a lesion or unusual expression on the tongue, lips, gums, or other areas inside the mouth that are painless.



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