What happens if you cut down sugar in the diet?


Reducing sugar in diet about 1 month will give you many unexpected benefits to health!

sugar free

Good for the heart

According to the research by a scientist at the Mid-Atlantic Heart Institute  St. Luke, eating much sugar increases the insulin levels in the body, thereby increasing the risk of hypertension as well as heart rate… If you take sugar out of the diet, this will be solved.

Reduce acne

When we provide the body with much sugar, this will lead to more acid production,. Moreover, it will decrease the amount of antibody which brings about the phenomenon of red bumps or skin allergies. When we eat more sugar, the sugar molecules will attach to protein fiber in each cell metabolize. This process is called glycation – one of the main causes of damaging the health and beauty of the skin.

Reduce the risk of diabetes

Eating sugar will make fat accumulate in the liver. More than that, it also affects the production of insulin and pancreatic activity – the main reasons leading to diabetes.

When you eat a lot of sweets, sugar will absorb into the bloodstream very quickly, causing a sudden increase in blood sugar. This forces the pancreas to work harder to release insulin to regulate blood sugar. When this situation occurs repeatedly, the pancreas will be ‘overloading’, dysfunction and leads to diabetes. For that reason, you can prevent diabetes by cutting the amount of sugar in the diet.

Good for sleep

Sugar can keep you awake, but it also can hinder sleep if you use too much. The more sugar we eat, the more it will stimulate the production of hormone called cortisol, which affect sleep quality. Consequently, you do not get enough sleep, causing fatigue and discomfort when waking up… Hence, do not eat too much sugar before bedtime if you want a good night.

Improve memory

According to research by scientists, eating too much sugar not only causes memory loss, but also lead to related diseases, especially Alzheimer’s disease. Over time, the accumulation of sugar will impair the operation of the brain cells. That makes these cells function worse as well as leading to a lot of problems in the brain.


You should only reduce rather than completely eliminate sugar because the body still needs sugar to work well. The amount of sugar necessary for the body every day is about 37.5g for men and 25g for women (according to the Heart Association of America).

Sugar diet for beginners

When it comes to cutting down sugar, we often only think of white sugar or brown sugar. But in fact, there are so many foods contain sugar that you do not know. For your information, all the sugar the body needs can be found in whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and legumes. There is no need to consume refined sugars. Say no to sugar-rich foods such as sweets, syryps, dried fruits, soft drinks and cakes…for a better health!



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