Great benefits of drinking green tea every day


Green tea is a drink made from the leaves of the tea plant and it is one of the food sources which is very beneficial for everyone’s health. Drinking a cup of tea each day will not only help you to improve the resistance of the body and increase your energy, but also prevent disease effectively.

Green tea

  1. Diuretic and lower blood pressure

Drinking green tea helps with diuretic and swelling effectively by inhibiting the absorption of renal tubules, stimulating movement of the blood vessels as well as increasing the filtration rate of the kidneys. In addition, mixed chemicals in tea also works well in reducing blood pressure, so hypertension patients are really suitable for drinking tea in moderation.

  1. Reduce stress

The thiamine in green tea has been shown to help relieve stress effectively. Therefore, if you feel overwhelmed, you can drink a cup of tea and feel the difference. In addition, polyphenols in green tea have the ability to affect dopamine in the brain to help people feel happy when drinking.

  1. Anti-aging

A lot of scientific studies prove that green tea has anti-aging effect thanks to different vitamins and amino acids. Therefore, drinking green tea regularly may help prevent a shortage of vitamin A, C and B. Besides, drinking tea for a long time is extremely useful for disease prevention and longevity in the elderly.

  1. Good for children

If every day you give your child to drink 2 to 3 cups of tea in the morning, it can provide them with essential vitamins, sugar and fluoride for a new day.

Good for children

Besides, green tea can also fight anorexia and good for the digestion of children. Moreover, fluoride in tea not only helps strong bones, but also can prevent tooth decay. Alternatively, use a cup of hot green tea and add some ices to precipitate some tannic acid, then, use it to bathe for the children, it will make your child’s skin smoother.

  1. Lose weight

Researchers said that the caffeine in green tea helps to increase the secretion of gastric juice, helping the body to digest faster and enhancing fat resolution. Besides, the vitamins in green tea also help reduce excess fat in the body as well. However its performance is different from each user.


– Do not drink green tea when hungry, before and after eating.

– Do not drink too hot or cold green tea.

– Do not cook the green tea several times again.

– Do not take medicine with green tea.

– Do not drink overnight green tea.



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