Foods for ideal height


In addition to genetic factors, the height will depend very much  on a proper and healthy diet. Let’s refer to these foods having the effect of increasing the height below:

ideal height

Milk and yogurt

Milk and yogurt provide a lot of vitamin D. Each day, if you drink 250ml of fresh milk, it will give you 90 calories and provides 30% of the calcium your body needs. Eating a  cup of yogurt every day is also a good way to supply calcium if you like to eat yogurt. One more thing to remember is to select the type of milk and yogurt that contains more vitamin D for better development results.


Shrimp is a very nutritious food, especially high in calcium. Calcium concentrates in its meat and pincers, not in the shell as we always think. However, you should note that shrimp is abundant in protein, hence, when eating too much, you are more prone to indigestion or worse stomachahe. What is more, this seafood is likely to cause allergy. It is better to eat shrimp once a week, just enough to increase the height.


Egg is a rich source of protein and amino acids. Egg white is good for the overall development of the body, what is more, it helps to synthesize the vitamin in the cells,  thus helping to increase your height. Since egg is easy to eat, you can make many delicacies from this food. Add egg into your daily meals if you want to be taller. It is recommended to eat 3 to 4 eggs a week with normal people, for those with cardiovascular problems, 2 eggs per week is reasonable.

Chicken and beef

Chicken and beef are two types of meat that contain very large amount of protein, which contributes to the development of bones and muscles of the body. Every day, just 100g chicken or beef can help you improve significantly your height.

Citrus fruits

Some popular citrus fruits are orange, tangerine, lemon and grapefruit… For your information, they contain more vitamin C than any other fruits. Vitamin C helps the body to absorb calcium in an optimal way. Eating citrus fruits each day can help very much with bone development as well as helping to boost height naturally. Last but not least, citrus fruits are also very good for the skin, the digestive system and are able to prevent some types of cancer.


Drink 6 to 8 glasses of pure water a day can also help you to achieve the optimal height by promoting muscle growth as well as eliminating toxins from the body. Drinking enough water also makes you higher because the intervertebral disk of the spine contains up to 90% water. Maybe at first, you will urinate more, but gradually, the cells and disks will absorb water in its structure. The body will become accustomed to this water and make you higher.

In addition to using foods having beneficial effects on height, a good advice is you should do more exercises or take part in sports such as volleyball, basketball of swimming to achieve the height as you wish.



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