Food should never appear in your diet


Researchers said that the consumption of some food can be very harmful for your health when it causes many dangerous diseases such as diabetes, lung disease and cancers. Therefore, understanding of its certain effects will help you avoid unexpected results. In which, you should be careful with these following types of foods.

harmful food

  1. Popcorn

It is wonderful that the whole family members gather on the sofa watching TV in the evening and together enjoy popcorn fried with microwave. However, in fact, this is a very bad habit for the health. When many companies are advertising their products with less fat and sodium, but it is not the main problem. The real risk lies in the border of popcorn bags when these borders contain a chemical called perfluoroctanic acid (PFOA) which is said to be linked to cancer, lung and thyroid disorders.

  1. Canned foods

Canned foods whether it is ketchup, beans or vegetables are always popular because of their convenience. But inside the can, there is a toxic compound called BPA, which can penetrate into the food inside after a certain time. Besides, BPA can also affect the hormone levels in the body and cause diseases such as obesity and early puberty.

  1. Instant noodle

Instant noodle is a familiar dish to people around the world when it does not take them a lot of time for processing. In fact, noodle provides a huge calories, while lack of nutrients hardly. In addition, sodium levels of instant noodles are almost at the top, which can increase blood pressure, heart attack and stroke of those with poor health. Besides, eating too much instant noodles also makes body excess cholesterol, leading to obesity.

  1. Soy products

Just like margarine, soy products often have a reputation for being healthy. And they also appear in the diet of many vegetarians and dieters. But in fact, soy products contain isoflavone compounds which have similar effects like estrogen hormone in humans. Therefore, if you consume a lot of this food, it will cause many problems such as difficulty conceiving and early puberty in children.

Soy products

  1. White bread

The sandwiches clamped tuna and ham are fast foods typically found on the aircraft, in canteens or cafe lounges because it is, clean, convenient and easy to eat. However, white breads also have many harmful effects for the health because they are made from refined wheat flour which is removed all nutrition. In addition, white bread is said to cause hyperglycemia, weight gain and diabetes if you eat more.



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