Fiber – the valuable natural remedy for many diseases


Many studies show that fiber plays an important role in the treatment and prevention of chronic diseases such as heart disease, obesity, diabetes, constipation or even cancer…In fact, people in rural areas are less prone to suffer from cardiovascular disease, colon cancer, diabetes and constipation than people in urban areas. The reason is because they eat more foods with fiber, while those live in the city tend to eat more meat and fat and of course less fiber foods.


Foods high in fiber is less toxic fat; as we quickly saturated , reduce the appetite of other dishes . Fiber in foods promote digestive process , helping extort wastes from the body more quickly and therefore reduce the presence of toxins in the body . Fiber cleaning the digestive tract .

Fiber is found in foods of plant origin. There are 2 types of fiber: soluble and insoluble in water. Water-soluble type found in nuts such as soy beans, vegetables and fruit. It can reduce cholesterol and help the body to regulate sugar in blood. Meanwhile, insoluble type can be found in wheat bran, unmilled grain, vegetables which increases the volume of sebum, by that, making the process of  sebum elimination faster.

The effects of fiber with some chronic diseases Obesity

Overweight people eat more often, especially fat, so the excess energy accumulates in the body makes them become obesity. Foods rich in fiber are low in fat and can increase the feeling of satiety. For that, they are ideal for those who want to lose weight.Demand for fiber recommended for overweight people is the need of ordinary people (18 to 20g of fiber a day) plus 14 grams.

Colon cancer

Experts encourage to reduce the consumption of fat and increase fiber foods to reduce colon cancer. Fiber works to prevent cancer cell growth, as it reduces the toxicity of carcinogens by diluting or disabling them. Reducing the time that colon exposure to toxic components which are capable of causing cancer in foods is of great importance to protect ourselves from colon cancer.

 Cardiovascular diseases

Fiber helps reduce cholesterol by reducing LDL and increasing HDL fats. Diet with butter causes cholesterol to increase but when adding more fiber to the diet, the cholesterol level drops 20%. High level of cholesterol in blood is one of the causes of a number of cardiovascular diseases.


This is caused by high blood sugar as well as lack of insulin or decrease in the effect of insulin in the body. Reasonable diet, dynamic lifestyle can help keep blood sugar normal.Foods with fiber are more likely to normalize blood sugar, reduce sugar after meals and increase the effect of insuli. Especially, water-soluble fiber is very good because it prevents the absorption of sugar into the gut and reduces sugar in blood by 30%. Fiber may reduce LDL – bad fat and increase good fat HDL.Good source for diabetics as red rice, brown rice, grains and black bread….

Note for the use of fiber

– Use fiber from the nature rather than from processed foods because in nature, there are two types of fiber: water-soluble and water-insoluble.- Wash fruits and vegetables carefully before using to remove protection chemicals. It is best to eat fruit with its peel as this layer contain fiber insoluble in water.- Between the two meals, use dried fruit when feeling hungry.- Drink plenty of water because in the gut, fiber is absorbent.



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