Exercising appropriately when on your period


Every month, girls often have to deal with menstruation, however, a lot them still want to exercise to keep strong and fit. Some choose to stop this practice during this difficult period, however scientists believe that exercising during your period is really beneficial in reducing premenstrual stress and cramps. Now look at these following tips, which will help you avoid delaying your exercising:

Exercising appropriately when on your period

  1. Do stretching

Stretching after your other workouts (strength training) will considerably help ease cramps. You may try yoga poses like the cat pose, restorative pose, or knee-to-chest pose to relax your muscles and cut cramps.

  • Restorative pose: you sit with legs flattened to the floor and the heels of your feet touching. After that, lay backwards slowly and keep your feet together, your arms at your sides. Finally, let’s hold this position and breathe deeply.
  • Cat pose: arch your back and tuck your head.
  • Knee-to-chest pose: lay on your back, bring your knees to your chest, hug your calves with arms as well.
  1. Do lighter cardio

Actually, you may exercise as usual because you will not be feeling up to the challenge. An advice is that you should try jogging or brisk walking for about thirty minutes, then keeping the same pace and level the whole time.

Keeping consistent speed will certainly make your exercise more comfortable and relaxing on a cramped belly and help you feel like you do less work.

  1. Swimming

It seems to be a little bit ridiculous, but in fact swimming about 30 minutes is considered to be the best way to ease your period pains after doing other great exercises. Actually, water is quite gentle on stiff joints and helps to feel more comfortable by massaging your stomach while you work. Or even after swimming you may not remember that you are on your period because you will feel so good.

  1. Lift weights

The most beneficial advantage of having period is that you will eperience some days of higher pain tolerance, which results from an influx of certain hormones. Hence, what you usually consider to be difficult will be slightly easier to complete on your period. For example, you do your regular weightlifting routine, or do a bit of arm and leg work and then take advantage of pain-free abilities. However, bear in mind that you shouldn’t try to do more than what you are typically capable of doing. Additionally, let’s avoid doing some kinds of weight lifting that put strain on your back or stomach and cause inconvenience as a result.

  1. Be hydrated

When on your period, it can be even more essential than usual that you do not get dehydrated, especially when doing exercises.

Drinking water throughout your workout and staying hydrated will significantly  help you to prevent headaches or exhaustion you often have as a drawback of being on your period.

These above are 5 easy and simple tips that you can take up to be healthy and strong during your menstruation.



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