Eating less red meat will be very beneficial to your health


Red meat is a familiar cooking material and has become almost indispensable in daily meals. It provides many necessary nutrients for the body but it also contains some health hazards. India Times magazine published the benefits when reducing red meat in the diet. Let’s discover what happen if we do not eat red meat anymore below:

Red meat

Red meat and mortality

A study in 2012 by a team of Harvard University researchers looked for the relationship between res meat consumption and cause of death in 8.400 women and 3.800 men.

People in the study who ate mostly red meat tended to die younger, and to die more often from cardiovascular disease and cancer. Those people also tended to be fatter and exercise less as well as drinking more alcohol than people with healthy lifestyle in the study.

Losing weight

A group of researchers from George Washington Medical University, USA, recently conducted experiments to determine the weight change in people switch from eating meat to a vegetarian. On average, those who cut down meat from the diet reduced about 5kg without reducing the consumption of calories.

From the research results, experts recommend going on a vegetarian diet and adjust your exercise habits to lose weight without having to control calorie intake.

Change the intestinal bacteria system

Foods that you consume will impact directly to the digestive system. The study of intestinal bacteria system in vegetarians with interruption, vegetarian and non-vegetarian showed that the bacteria syste is completely different in those people. Especially, in the case of vegetarians (who do not consume any animal products), their digestive tract contains mostly beneficial bacteria.

Reduce the risk of cancer

World Health Organization (WHO) put processed meats such as sausage, bacon… in the food groups capable of causing cancer equivalent of formaldehyde, tobacco or gamma radiation. Red meat is a food also causes cancer. The experts said, the diet containing 50g of processed red meat per day have an 18% increase in risk of cancer.

Reduce the risk of heart disease

According to Lerner Research Institute, USA, a substance named carnitine in red meat reacts with intestinal bacteria and contribute to an increased risk of developing heart disease. Intestinal bacteria metabolize carnitine into trimethylamine-N-oxide (TMAO), a substance that was previously believed to relate to the promotion of atherosclerosis in human.

In addition, the researchers said that a diet rich in carnitine will promote the growth of bacteria that metabolize carnitine, making the problem more serious by the production of more TMAO causing arterial blockage.

For futher information, reducing red meat in the daily diet lowers cholesterol level in blood as well as decreasing the risk of cardiovascular disease by 20%.

Caution: Nutrients deficiency

A pure and balanced vegetarian diet can provide enough nutrients for your body. Nevertheless, it is difficult to provide enough iron, vitamin B12 and vitamin D for the body needs. Nutrition experts recommend vegetarian to supply more soy products, nuts, fruits, green vegetables and whole grains…in order to supplement vitamins and minerals necessary for health.



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