Eating to get rid of beer belly


Nowadays, beer bellies are very common in both men and women around the age when metabolism rate drops, which will not only affect their beauty, but also cause some health-related problems. However, you can totally get rid of this fat by several simple ways of diet below.

beer belly

  1. Eat something healthy before you drink

 If you have to go out for a round of beers with your colleagues or friends,let’s make sure you eat something first to be both substantial and healthy. For example you may eat lean meats, whole grains or nutritious vegetables, which are an essential part of any good weight-loss regimen, and effective to metabolize the beer you drink. Then when you are full, you have tendency to drink less or eat unhealthy bar food. Bear in mind that:

  • Never drink on an empty stomach because the bad impact of alcohol is increased if you have nothing else going through your digestive tract
  • Eating food before drinking will also help you avoid the temptation of late night bad food cravings. Also, the Drunk Munchies are considered to be a major cause of beer bellies, hence if you want to avoid the gut, you need to avoid the midnight fourth meal.
  1. Always have breakfast

Many people who are trying to lose weight often make the mistake of skipping breakfast, however the truth is that eating within an hour will help you jump-start your metabolism, keep your blood-sugar levels constant throughout the day, make exercise more effectively and making you more energetic to deal with all tasks.

You had better try to eat at a regular time every day. Let’s start the morning with a healthy breakfast high in fiber, with fresh fruits, whole grains and healthy protein such as eggs or peanut butter.

Avoid processed sugars and cereals or refined carbs.

  1. Commit to a change in diet

You should concentrate on consuming less high-calorie fatty foods, which you may find in bars and when we can find ourselves craving after a few brews.

  • Some typical examples are hot wings, pizza, burgers fatty or caloric bombs. Instead, let’s replace these kinds of meals healthier alternatives such as lean meats, fish, and fresh vegetables
  • Try to avoid fried foods, cheesy meals or red meat.
  • When drinking, you often tend to have some snacks. Instead, take unsalted nuts, or fresh fruits to the bar, or even keep carrot sticks available at home to avoid chips and fatty cheese sticks you might consume.
  1. Change animal proteins with other sources

Legumes, lentils, beans or nuts will help you to have feeling of being full, so let’s provide yourself with essential protein to stay healthy, more energetic, as well as help to you lose weight more quickly and effectively than if your diet contains largely of meat or dairy. More importantly, it will help you to cleanse your liver and kidneys as well as up your metabolism.

  1. Detox your liver and kidney by vegetables

Broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, kale and other kinds of green vegetables are excellent foods contributing to your beer-belly-reduction diet. In addition to providing an excellent supply of micronutrients and fiber, these healthy foods also help you cleanse your organs when you consume alcohol. Because the kidneys and liver work quite hard to process the alcohol in your system, let’s treat them right to keep your metabolism up and lose weight much more quickly.

In brief, consuming these kinds of foods regularly and cutting down on the alcohol intake will have your belly drop inches more quickly.

  1. Say “NO” with saturated fats and processed foods

 Refined sugars, carbs and fatty snacks are regarded as the enemy of your waistline. Foods with high-in-calories will make it more difficult to lose your beer belly, even if you’re consuming fewer calories from beer. Let’s avoid:

  • Candy
  • Bacon, burgers and sausage
  • Potato chips and snack crackers
  • Muffins and pastries
  • Fried foods
  • Egg yolks

These above are several tips that both men and women may take up to cut down on their beer belly to keep fit and healthy.



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