Eat more of these foods for the best calcium supplements


Most people agree that taking calcium supplements is the fastest way to provide the calcium necessary for the body. Nevertheless, it is not really ideal as they always think if they know about this.

According to nutrition experts, the lack of vitamin D and calcium will affect the bones, but too much calcium is also very dangerous. The excess calcium from food sources will be excreted through urine, however, if we take calcium supplement, it  would cause kidney stones, blood calcium increasing, fatigue or even loss of appetite…

For further information, if having the intention of calcium supplementation, you should follow the doctor’s instructions. Do not buy calcium or high calcium supplement and use with the concept “use as much as possible”.Advice of nutrition experts: Additional calcium from food is the best way for your body. Below is the food group of outstanding calcium content and more important, they are easy to cook in daily meals.

Food sources of calcium


Canned salmon is softened even its bone which can help this dish easy to digest and provides calcium to the body. A serving (about 85g) of pink salmon with bones, can provide about 180mg of calcium, equal to 2/3 of the calcium in a cup of milk.



The calcium source in shrimp is mainly in the meat and legs. Shrimp has calcium, fatty acids with no cholesterol, phosphorus and minerals necessary. It can be said that shrimp is an indispensable food in the dishes of every family.



Milk is very rich in calcium. A cup of milk contains about 300 mg of calcium which is equal to a cup of yogurt, 1/9 cup of cheese and 1/4 cup of cheese. Ideally for the best, you should use products such as whole milk, low-fat or nonfat.


One small cup of boiled or fried white bean provides about 130 mg of calcium, roughly equal to half a glass of milk. One cup of canned white bean contains about 190 mg of calcium. One cup of canned green bean contains about 80 mg of calcium. Moreover, you can try crushing or using a blender to mix types of beans, or using beans to cook soup or sauce and then spread on the surface of bread, this will help your children to eat more.

Oranges, blueberries, strawberries

These fruits are famous for the high level of vitamin C that they contain, in addition, they are also rich in calcium. Eat one of these fruit every day will help supplying enough amount of calcium your body needs.

Green diet

Kale, lettuce, broccoli, cabbage and other leafy green vegetables are excellent sources of calcium. The point is, the calcium in green vegetables is not absorbed as easily as in milk if they contain chemical called oxalates. You can overcome by creating the combination of calcium source, such as spinach or lettuce salad mixed with sesame seeds or beans (also a good source of calcium) and cheese.          



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