Eat healthy on budget


To have a good health, diet is considered to play an important role, however many people think that it is expensive. It’s not true because eating healthy does not mean you have to pay for the hottest new diet foods or exotic fruit. If you are willing to get creative in your kitchen, you can eat healthy with delicious foods by several ways below:

eat healthy on budget

  1. Create a budget

 List out all necessary foods making up your diet and prioritized them according to nutritional value, also don’t forget to create a detailed budget to keep the cost in control before shopping.

  • How much money can you spend on food?
  • If you go out to eat, remember to count your restaurant trips as part of your monthly food budget to detract from the money you spend on your food shopping trips.
  • Decide how much you can spend on each shopping trip.
  • Divide your budget into different kinds of food
  1. Process food yourself

In general, processed foods are more expensive than whole, fresh items. Buy the fresh version and process it yourself. For instance:

  • If you wan to eat roasted nuts: you should buy raw nuts and spread them on baking sheets and roast until they’re toasty and brown, which will taste even better than processed ones.
  • Instead of buying pre-packaged cereal bars, let’s buy the raw ingredients andmake at home.
  • Buy whole fresh products to do your own dicing, chopping, juicing or freezing at home.
  1. Invest in food storage facilities

If you have a storage container and pantry space, you  had better buy both fresh and dried food in bulk and keep them.

  • Storing some vegetables: potatoes, applies, squash, onions, etc
  • Preserving meat
  • Using bins to store dried beans, nuts, or
  1. Eat out only rarely

Of course, eating in restaurants is far more expensive than eating at home, and more importantly you will have less control over how healthy your food is. When you do go out for meal, bear in mind that:

  • Choose the simplest item on menu, which is often the cheapest as well.
  • Eat only part of what you are served as restaurant portions are larger than necessary.
  • Take a rest home after eating
  1. Cook yourself

Cooking is the cheapest and healthiest way to eat.

  • Instead of canned soup, you should learn out to make a big batch for
  • Learn to use For instance, old lettuce can be chopped and then put into a soup or old milk can be turned into the quiche.
  1. Use greater quantities of cheap foods in cooking

Use enriched or whole-grain rice, pasta, bread or cooked oats to provide cheap but healthy bulk rather than expensive foods.

  • Try using less beef in some chili recipes
  • Be original and try your variations
  • Reduce the amount of meat you consume to save a lot of money

These above are 6 simple tips that that you may take up to have healthy diet in economical ways.



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