Easy-to-find foods that help prevent breast cancer you may not know 


Polluted environment, foods contain preservatives that cause human disorders and cancers, especially breast cancer. Therefore you need to prevent illnesses as soon as possible by using fresh foods. These 6 foods are recommended in the diet to prevent breast cancer. 

breast cancer

Fresh garlic

Garlic has long been renowned as food which supports effectively in treatment as well as prevention, especially breast cancer in women. Garlic contains a substance named photochemicals that can prevent the formation of carcinogenic nitrosamines in the stomach. For that reason, garlic has preventive effects of breast cancer and some other diseases such as colon, esophageal or stomach cancer…You should use fresh crushed garlic to add in everyday dishes to deliver the best result.   


Carrot is a beta-carotene-rich food, an antioxidant used to make vitamin A in the human body. Diets rich in antioxidants can help reduce the risk of cancer by protecting healthy cells of the body.In addition, carrot juice increases the level of carotenoids in the blood of those who survived from breast cancer. The researchers believe that the high carotenoid levels may help prevent cancer recurrence.      

Sweet potato

Potato contains carotenoids having the effect of adjusting the growth, protecting and regenerating cells and preventing breast cancer. You should put sweet potato into everyday dishes. It is best if you steam or boil to. You should not eat fried sweet potato as some parts of nutrients in it will lose and the amount of grease will cause the size of your waistline significantly increase.


Tomato is rich in lycopene, a powerful antioxidant that can prevent the development of breast cancer. For futher information, it can also helps prevent the development of cancer-causing cells as well as preventing them develop into other organs such as the lungs or the endometrium.The best way to get the benefits from tomato is to drink a glass of fresh tomato juice. You can also add it in your daily meals. 


Strawberry is preferred by many people because of its sweet and sour taste. For your information, strawberry is abundant in vitamin C and ellagic acid help improve health and destroy the cancer cells. Just like the way you use other fruits and vegetables, you can eat strawberry in dessert or use in some kinds of salads or dishes.       


Polyphenol in pomegranate is a form of ellagic acid and it is also an antioxidant. It will prevent the formation of cancer cells in the breast.You can absorb the benefits of pomegranate from juice. A glass of pomegranate not only helps in cancer prevention but also works very well for your skin. Last but not least, you can add pomegranate to your daily diet to prevent breast cancer.



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