Does unpasteurized milk actually boost your health?


If you have a routine of surfing the Internet every day, maybe you have come across the news about the West Virginia lawmakers’ lifting the state ban on drinking unpasteurized milk. It’s truly not good news as people can get some raw milk to drink but then they probably get sick. If raw milk doesn’t bring as many benefits as it’s disadvantages, so why drinking milk has become a trend among the youth?

Several plastic containers of milk
Several plastic containers of milk

It appears that raw milk is a by-product among the natural food craze. Many people think raw milk is a purer, less-processed food as it is not pasteurized or homogenized. Many folks believe that drinking raw milk is the healthiest way to consume milk. In fact, it comes nowhere near the truth. Raw milk consumption is harmful to health and is one of the most dangerous current trends, it’s the reason why certain types of processing are extremely necessary. If you drink raw milk to boost your health, it’s must be a silly thought.

At ambient temperatures, milk is a favourable environment for bacterial growth, so that pasteurization is necessary to remove harmful bacteria like E. coli, Salmonella, and Listeria. The high-temperature short-time or “HTST” pasteurization can eliminate nearly 100% of the viable microorganisms in milk.

Many people follow the trend of drinking raw milk as they think that a natural food is better than a processed food. They are overwhelming in pseudo-science that there is lesser nutritional value and a higher risk of allergies and lactose intolerance than raw milk, therefore, pasteurizing milk is an inferior product. That’s why raw milk becomes more attractive towards those who are looking for ultimate products with higher quality and nutrient content.

However, raw milk is actually not better for health than pasteurized milk.

The Centers for Disease Control said that raw milk is 150 times more likely to cause food-borne disease than pasteurized milk. A research conducted by the FDA also shows that there is no difference in the nutritional values between pasteurized and unpasteurized milk. But there is evidence showing that unpasteurized milk can cause diseases. According to the CDC, there were 2,384 illnesses and 284 hospitalizations reported consuming raw milk from 1998 to 2011.

Processing has been associated with unhealthy foods, however, processing certain types of food are demonstrably necessary. You wouldn’t eat raw beef, so you should not drink raw milk, either. It’s better to say no to unpasteurized milk and pay attention to consume healthier foods such as fruits, vegetables and whole foods.




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