Diet for people with heart diseases


Nowadays, the number of people suffering from heart diseases is getting higher. If the patient is not properly treated, it can lead to serious consequences, even the death.


Therefore, heart patients should be aware of effective ways to prevent and suppress it. Health experts advise them to particularly concentrate on the diet because it significantly influences on their health condition. So, what they should note in their diet.


  1. Salt and fat

For people with heart disease, limiting salty foods in the diet is really essential because it can help them keep a stable health condition. A heart patient should only eat 2 tablespoons of salt each day.

Besides, they are also advised to eat less fat because it can increase blood cholesterol level, causing heart attack and stroke. Patients may restrict fat intake by reducing fat, cheese, cream and butter in the meal.

  1. Alcohol and stimulants

As we know, drinking a glass of wine every day is really good for our heart because it helps increase good cholesterols in the blood. However, heart patients should only drink it in moderation since alcohol abuse has bad effect on your heart muscle, leading to arrhythmia and atrial fibrillation.

In particular, tobacco is a substance that cannot be used for heart patients anyway since it is the major culprits causing atherosclerosis. Besides, coffee and other caffeinated substances are not a reception, too.

  1. Water

People with heart disease should not drink too much water because their heart is not good as before, it cannot enhance operating to excrete water out. Therefore, they should only drink 1 liter of water / day maximum.


  1. Protein

Fish is a rich-protein food which is very beneficial for the body, especially the heart. Eating fish will help you reduce blood cholesterol level as well as blood clotting risk.

In addition, olive oil and soy bean are also good foods which can help increase the amount of beneficial cholesterol for the body.

  1. Dietary fiber

Dietary fiber is an important substance for those with heart diseases. Eating more vegetables and fruits will help decrease the amount of fat in the body, reducing the risk of coronary artery disease.

Particularly, some fruits like grapes, bananas or coconut which contains more potassium will help stabilize cardiac activities.

This is the special diet for people with heart diseases and you should seriously follow it to improve your health in the best way.



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