Diet for a bright smile!


Smile is considered to be the first impression someone have when look at you, however, having a really bright one is not easy at all when it is affected a lot of factors like tooth decay. We know that tis commonly caused by plaque buildup on your teeth after a long time of eating too much sweetened foods without brushing properly, consequently it will cause a lot of discomfort, pain or even terrible breath. Therefore, it is really important to prevent tooth decay as soon as possible by some easy tips of diet below:

bright smile

  1. Don’t use sugary and sweetened foods

Foods including high level of sugars provide the best condition for building plaque and attracting bacteria. You should eat little or even stay far away some kinds of sweets (like hard candy, lollipops or caramels), snacks such as pastries, cakes or cookies because they contain lots of sugar amounts. You also shouldn’t eat too many foods like chips, crackers, pasta or bread, which consist of high refined carbohydrates level or called sugar. However, if you eat candies or sweets, you had better brush your teeth afterwards.

  1. Limit the acidic foods consumption:

Lemons, limes, tomatoes, honey, alcohol or pickles are typical examples of foods in high acid levels, which will directly lead to the enamel-eroding.

  1. Drink less soft drinks or fruit juices:

Soft drinks and fruit juices often contain hidden sugar. Carbonated soft drinks are usually high in acid levels, which may spoil enamel and put you into higher risk of tooth decay. In addition, most of fruit juices consist of much more concentrated sugar than natural fruits. It’s obvious that the best advice is drinking sugary beverages as less as possible.

  1. Drink more water or teas:

After eating something, it’s better to have a cup of water or especially black/ green teas due to the fact that water will wash away all the food particles, while teas promote the process of plaque buildup prevention and reduce gum-related diseases.

  1. Eat yogurt, cheese and milk every day

Our teeth are made up from calcium, thus phosphates, vitamin D and calcium are really essential for healthy teeth, which help strengthen and stick to your teeth and prevent acid’s attack to your enamel as well.

  1. Eat high-in-fiber fruits and vegetables

Saliva is an important factor contributing to the defense against cavities because of preventing plaque and bacteria. Eating some kinds of foods that are high in fiber such as apples, carrots or celery is suggested

These above are several simple tips that will certainly help you to have white teeth and an impressively bright smile.



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