Develop emotional intelligence by connecting with others


We all know that emotional intelligence is one’s ability to tap into your emotion and use it to make your life much better. Keeping in touch with your feelings will permit you to control stress level and communicate more effectively with others. If IQ stays constant throughout your life, EQ may be developed over time by several ways below.

emotional intelligence

  1. Be agreeable and open-minded

Generally, openness and being agreeable go together when it contributes to your emotional intelligence. Narrow mind is often related to a lower EQ. When the mind is open through internal reflection and understanding, it will become much easier to deal with conflicts or disputes in a calm manner. You may certainly feel yourself socially aware and new other possibilities will be open to you. To enhance this factor of your EQ, let’s listen to some types of debates or discussion on television and ponder two sides of them and try to see it from another perspective.

2. Improve empathy skills

 Empathy is the ability to recognize how people are feeling, and share emotion with them. If you are an active listener and really pay attention to what people are saying and expressing, you may understand the sense of how they are feeling. In turn, if you can use that kind of information to make your decisions and improve relationships, it means that you have possessed a good sign of emotional intelligence.

  • Put yourself in others’ shoes to alleviate some of their hardship related to support and care
  • Focus and show interest in what people are saying, you can react more sensitively.
  1. “Read” people’s body language

You should try to read between the lines and pick up on people’s feeling by observing facial expressions, gesture or posture when talking. If you are not sure that you are good at interpreting facial expressions, you should try taking a quiz to telling.

  1. Observe your effect on others

Understanding people’s thoughts and emotions is only a half the battle coming to EQ, you  need to observe and understand your effect on other people: good or bad?. Whether you want to make people feel worried, cheerful or furious?

  • Think about something you need change (attitude or behaviors)
  • Ask close friends or family about the way you express and react during conversations.
  1. Being emotionally honest

 If you say “you’re fine” but with a “scowl” on your face, it means that you are dishonest. When you practice being open with your emotion, people can “read” you better and understand you better as a result.

Be honest, tell people if you are upset and share joy and happiness as well.

In addition, when others can “read” you, they may sympathize, understand your more, and trust you more.

These above are 5 easy tips that will significantly help you connect with other people better and strengthen your emotional intelligence as well.



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