Daily foods which are extremely harmful to your liver

Do you like sausage and fried foods? Unfortunately, your favorite ones contain many toxins and substances harmful to your liver which weakened the functions of liver and can lead to other diseases.

Processed foods

Instant noodles, sausage or canned foods often contain a lot of preservatives and coloring which is very harmful to human health as well as increasing the pressure on the liver since it has to function more. Moreover, high content of NaNO3 and NaNO is found in these foods and this is one of the reasons that weaken liver. In addition, this is also a cancer-causing substance, some are stomach cancer, liver cancer… For this reason, we should limit the use of processed foods, in the range of 50 – 70g per day to protect our health.

Processed foods

Fried foods

Use fried foods, even just 1 time a week can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer and other liver diseases, higher than 2 times in comparison with the people who do not use. The cause of this condition is the accumulation of saturated fatty acids in fried foods. It is also the leading cause of heart disease, obesity.


An apple a day, the doctor away”Although apple is a kind of fruit that works well with health but excessive use of apple can cause liver damage. One of the components of this fruit is pectin, a substance that has the ability of bonding the heavy metals in the intestine. Therefore, it will create great pressure on the liver and make liver work harder. Use only about 5 apples per week to provide your body with nutrients while avoiding harm to the liver.


Burnt or undercooked foods

In addition to the foods which are “burnt”, undercooked foods will also harm the liver. Even worse, this kind of foods can contain many types of parasites and harmful bacteria for the gut. Absolutely avoid using these foods to avoid damage to the body.

Salty foods

Large salt content in the body is also a big challenge to the liver and kidneys. Use foods which are high in salt, such as canned foods, processed foods or fast foods… will make the liver and kidneys work harder and hinder the operation of the liver as well as reducing the toxin rejection ability. For your information, using around 6 to 10g of salt per day will ensure good health.

Confectionery, foods containing artificial sweeteners

Confectionery, foods containing artificial sweeteners

Most of the candies, syrups and soft drinks now contain a large amount of artificial sweeteners. Using too much of these products will cause toxic reactions in the body and cause serious liver damage. Hence, we should limit intake of sugar at 20g per day. For those who have children, instead of letting them eat artificial sweeteners, let them try sweet fruits, it will help very much for their health.

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