Corpse Pose (Shavasana)

Shavasana gets its name from the recumbent posture of a dead body. It is a yoga pose of rest and relaxation. This pose is usually practiced towards the end of a yoga session that is a session that typically begins with activity and ends in rest.

Corpse pose can practice any time, even the time that the practices of asanas should not, such as during the illness, menstrual periods or pregnancy. In this pose, your body remains fully motionless, and be “recharged” with cosmic energy (pranic energy). Location and attention gradually out of the body and the world around them to be attracted to the deep state of inner calm. The body and mind together achieve a perfect blissful rest.

savasana yoga

How to do it:

– Lie on your back and close your eyes. Attempt to just relax the body while lying flat on your back

– Keep your legs natural apart and let your feet and knees relax completely, toes facing to the sides.

– Outstretched arms along the sides of the body. Palms facing up and put the fingers naturally curved.

– Taking your attention to different body parts one by one then slowly relax your entire body.

– Keep breathing slowly, gently. After some time, about 10-20minutes when you feel fully relaxed, keeping your eyes closing, slowly roll onto your right, lie in that position for a minute or so.

– Put aside all worries, problems, stress, goals and plans. Allow the whole body, your mind and your breath to relax. Just relax completely. Feel the peace and quiet with each breath.

Trainer tip: If you need more space for the lower back, place a folded blanket under the knees, which will help to lengthen the lower back. If you’re feeling pressed, place blankets over the pelvis. This can help relax the body and the mind.

Benefits of the Corpse Pose (Shavasana)

Corpse Pose brings a deep, meditative state of rest. It helps in the repair of tissues and cells, and in releasing stress and gives time for the yoga workout to sink in at a deeper level.

This pose leaves you in a state of rejuvenation, which is the perfect way to end a yoga session, particularly if it has been a fast-paced one. It also helps reduce blood pressure, anxiety, and insomnia. This is a wonderful way to ground the body and reduce the Vata dosha (imbalance of the air element) in the body.


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