Change the daily diet to control high blood pressure


We can use medicine to prevent the attack of high blood pressure but it is only temporary. Healthy lifestyle and balanced diet will help you to control the disease better.

Here are a few changes in diet you should apply to help treat high blood pressure.

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More fresh fruits and vegetables

For centuries, many studies have indicated the enormous effects of fruits and vegetables on human’s health. For that reason, you should use these foods more in your daily meals to deliver the best results. Let’s start using green leafy vegetables such as broccoli, kale or cabbage…The ideal fruits for you are watermelon, banana, and orange… The reason why you should eat these foods more is they are high in potassium which can help control your blood pressure.

Reduce fat

If you have high blood pressure, it is suggested that you cut down on foods high in fat and dairy products. Instead, you can use low-fat dairy such as cheese and yogurt.

Diet rich in protein

Diet for people with high blood pressure should be low in fat and high in protein. Some high-protein foods you can use are chicken, fish and eggs.

Supplement more grain

People with high blood pressure should avoid processed foods as well as switching to diet including cereals such as oats, brown bread and pasta.

Provide more nuts and beans

For your information, to maintain a stable blood pressure, people should eat nuts, beans, cannellini beans and peanut butter.

Use healthy cooking oil

Healthy cooking oils like olive oil will help lower your high blood pressure. One more thing, olive oil and low-fat margarine contain omega 3 fatty acids to maintain blood pressure. Because of these effects, the next time you cook, try olive oil for the better.

Reduce the amount of sugar and alcohol

If you have high blood pressure, it is better to avoid the consumption of sugar and alcohol. More than that, carbonated beverages and foods high in fat should also be stayed away from since they can increase blood pressure as well as destroying the blood vessels.

Avoid foods high in sodium

Say no to foods that are abundant in sodium. The daily sodium intake should not exceed 1.500 mg. In addition, stop eating the frozen sea foods, fries, ketchups, mustard and pickles because they contain high amounts of sodium.

Monitor blood pressure

If you are making some changes to diet to reduce blood pressure, remember to check your blood pressure more regularly. By monitoring the change in diet, you will notice the difference within 2 or 3 weeks. In addition to diet, lifestyle should be changed as well. Regular exercise and proper rest will be beneficial to your health.



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