Cabbage – a panacea of the poor!


Besides being a tasty and inexpensive kind of vegetable, cabbage also contains many ingredients that help reduce and prevent common diseases. For that reason, in many places, cabbage is known as ‘a panacea of the poor’ for its cancer prevention effects. Let’s explore why cabbage is called a panacea!


Prevention of all kinds of cancer

Cabbage contains a number of anti-cancer substances including sulforaphane, phenethyl isothiocyanate and carbinol indol-33.If you eat cabbage 1 time a week, the risk of bowel cancer will be reduced up to 70%. Moreover, risks of gastric, urinary bladder or prostate cancer will be less. In addition, the indol ingredient in cabbage also works to prevent breast cancer. Women eat cabbage 2-3 times a week will reduce the risk of breast cancer by 20% in comparison with those who only eat a few times a month.However, you should note that do not eat cabbage overnight. Simply because cabbage will produce substance that reduces the use of cancer prevention. Consequently, we should only use cabbage in the course of the day to make the most of it.

Minimizing gastrointestinal diseases

If you have problems with the stomach or duodenum, drink ½ cup of cabbage juice early in the morning and before going to bed, the disease will markedly relieve. Recipe for cabbage juice is very simple: scalding cabbage out with boiling water, then grinding cabbage for juice, sugar or salt can be added if necessary.

Prevention of obesity and cardiovascular diseases

Cabbage can prevent the metabolism of glucid into lipid – one of the main causes of obesity. This is why this vegetable regularly appears in the diet of those who want to lose weight.In addition, cabbage also helps to reduce blood pressure as well as the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Cabbage has the effect of lowering cholesterol in blood, which helps us to avoid the risk of atherosclerosis or stroke…

Cure cough and sore throat

Cabbage is sweet with cool feature that helps to cool the lungs and heat elimination. Since then, cabbage can cure coughing, especially coughing with sputa. You can combine cabbage with honey to achieve the best performance. This recipe is also very useful if you are suffering from hoarseness or sore throat. Drink the mixture of cabbage and honey for half an hour before a meal, you will find be surprised by how quickly it may work!

Improve immune system

Cabbage is rich in vitamin C. The content of vitamin C which contains in 200g cabbage is twice as the vitamin C in orange. For further information, cabbage can also provide a certain number of antioxidants that help to protect the body from the damage of free radicals and boost the production of the cells.



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