Blood type diet


Doctor Peter J. D’Adamo gave an interesting theory about the blood type diet. According to him, eating in accordance with blood type will help for better digestion and weight control.

Blood type diet

Blood type A

To be physically and mentally healthy, people with blood type A need nutrients from carbohydrates. Thanks to the low content of hydrochloric acid and intestinal alkaline phosphate as well as high content of a digestive enzyme called disaccharide, the body can digest carbohydrate more efficiently and metabolism of protein is better. People with blood type A should consume soy protein, whole grains and vegetables every day, moreover, fruits contain alkaline such as apple, date, berries, peach… are necessary. In addition, they should avoid papaya, mango and orange because those fruits will affect the digestive system. Dairy products are not good for people with this blood type since they stimulate insulin response in the body that put them at higher risk of cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease.

Blood type B

Blood type B is more flexible than blood type A and O. People with blood type B can absorb nutrients from both animal and plant sources. However, what is important is to maintain balance. They tend to prefer the stability of physical and mental to other blood types. They can be victims of metabolic syndrome because they have higher levels of cortisol in stressful situations. People with blood type B should avoid eating chicken, corn, lentil, tomato, peanuts and sesame seeds as they will affect the metabolism, resulting in fatigue, fluid retention and hypoglycemia. Instead, they are recommended to eat more red meat, vegetables, eggs and low-fat dairy products.

Blood type AB

This is a rare blood type. People with this blood type have low content of stomach acid, the same as blood type A, however, this group also have the adaption to meat as group B. This can be because meat stored in the body will be transferred and turned into fat.People with blood type AB should avoid caffeine and alcohol when under stress. In particular, they should say no to bacon as it can cause stomach cancer. Moreover, they have sensitive digestive tract, so they need to eat in a short time period to control insulin.Seafood, especially snapper, salmon, sardines and tuna are the best sources of protein for people with blood type AB. Nevertheless, they should not combine starches and proteins in the same meal as it will create indigestion. Therefore, eggs, tofu, seafood, vegetables or yogurt can be the ideal diet for them. They can also eat red meat, but in moderation.

Blood type O

People with blood type O have higher content of acid, which means digesting protein and fat is more easily. Cholesterol from animal products is beneficial for the digestive tract and the absorption of calcium in the body. Unlike blood type A, blood type O transfer simple carbohydrates such as whole grains into fat, which can affect the immune system and produce unwanted inflammation. People with blood type O also are allergic to gluten, which is found in milk and wheat products. Cabbage, cauliflower and beans can cause thyroid hormone disorders. Similar to blood type AB, people with blood type O should avoid caffeine and alcohol because it can affect the body.They should eat beef, lean mutton, chicken. Especially, eating more seafood and iodized salt will increase the production of hormones. The theory of the relationship between food and blood type of Doctor Peter J. D’Adamo is unrecognized because according to nutrition experts, this theory has no scientific proofs yet. Even experts have said that if compliance with this diet, the body may be missing nutrients, especially blood type A and O. However, there is no reason for you not to try this theory once.



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