Big breakfast to cover all meals of the day: Should or not ?


Breakfast is of great importance which helps you have enough energy to start a new day. A lot of people have the habit of eating big breakfast for additional energy and ignore the other meals. However, they have no idea that they are making a big mistake which causes great harm to their health.


According to Livestrong, a recent scientific evidence shows that skipping meals other than breakfast, will not only affect your health but also affect the work or the results of your study. If you are maintaining only-breakfast regime in the day, the following potential risks will cause you to reconsider:

Lack of nutrients

Your body needs calories to operate effectively, besides, it needs the nutrients in food to stay strong as well. You can replace them with other restoratives, but obviously they can not perform as effectively as natural foods. Also, skipping lunch and dinner would not provide necessary nutrients like proteins, iron, magnesium, potassium and calcium. More importantly, it can significantly increase the risk of diseases such as anemia, osteoporosis and even worse brain damage. Last but not least, when you skip lunch and dinner or have very little of your normal meal, you will always feel hungry and tired. For this reason, your work or study result is affected the most.


Breakfast helps to start the metabolism of the body at the beginning of the day. Any snacks or other meals will then help the body stabilize and control hunger. If you stop eating after breakfast, your metabolism will stop at ‘hunger’, significantly slowing the energy storage of the body.

Especially, when you are familiar with breakfast only, you decide to return to normal eating habits (with 3 meals and a few snacks), this will cause rapid weight gain because the metabolism is not accustomed to changing food consumption too often.

 Cognitive problems and psychological

Regular eating ensures that the brain gets enough sugar to function properly and support nerve cells.When skipping meals, you will have to encounter many negative side effects such as memory loss, poor concentration. More than that, it can tamper with the ability to distinguish between hunger and fullness.

 The sudden fall of sugar in blood

When you eat, the body categorizes foods into 2 parts: fat and energy. The fat is stored while the energy goes into the blood in the form of sugar to serve the activities of the other organs and help the body healthy. You can provide energy to the body in the morning, but ignore nutrition in the left meals will severely reduces sugar levels in your blood.As a consequence, you start to feel sluggish, tired, irritable and restless, these can potentially damage the performance of your work or study. More seriously, if this happens regularly, the risk of developing diabetes will occur.

Hope that the information above useful and after this article, you will reconsider your skipping meals besides breakfast to live healthily.



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