Best weight losing exercises for women after childbirth

Most women are getting fatter after childbirth. Experts said that 6 weeks after childbirth, the mother’s body is completely recovered. At this time, they are healthy enough to be able to perform weight losing exercises. And here are the best exercises for them.

  1. Cat pose

Effect: Reduce back pain.

Implementation: Crawl on the floor so that your knees and hands are put on the floor with a 90 degree angle. Head up and inhale as you bend your torso below, pushing it toward the ground to the point of mild tension. Gently get back to the starting position as you exhale. Then, inhale as you lift your torso above toward the ceiling and get back to the starting position again. Do this 5 to 10 times / day.

Cat pose

  1. Slow walk

The right way to walking slowly is creating a natural step so that the soles of the feet does not strongly impact on the ground. In which you put the heel down first and then the toes. You should move at a slow rate combined with breathing evenly.

Slow walk

Walking helps the women’s body after childbirth can be gradually accustomed to exercising, stimulate blood circulation to bring them a lucid mental state. With a regularly slow walk, mother’s daily activities will be easier and more comfortable by reducing joints and muscles pain. However, after walking, you should gently massages thigh muscles to burn the excess fat more efficiently.

  1. Cobra pose

The postpartum mothers should not perform exercises which require strong movement, they should choose simple yoga exercises to increase blood circulation, helping the body get used to the exercising regime. Cobra pose in yoga is not only easy to implement but also helps reduce belly and thigh fat effectively.

Cobra pose

First, you inhale and press the arms down and raise your head, shoulders and upper body up as high as possible, without stretching. Looking upward and keep this for 30 seconds.

  1. Belly exercise

Belly is a simple exercise but it is really effective for losing belly fat.

Belly exercise

First, you lie with supine position, your soles are put on the ground and your hands is under your head. Then hunch the upper body up and down.

However, mothers should not practice too hard to avoid injury, keep exercise slowly and gradually increase exercise intensity after each training session.

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