Best exercise to increase height effectively


Nowadays, height is an important aspect for a person to have a more perfect appearance. However, not all of us have an ideal height; many people still wish to be taller even in the age of 25. This seems to be incredible, but researchers have proved that we can grow height till the age of 30. By doing some exercises, you can be completely taller in a certain period.

Exercise with Horizontal Bar

This is a simple and effective way to increase height that you can perform at home without spending too much of your time. All you need is a hard horizontal bar which must be solid enough to be able to withstand your weight.


The bar’s height should be at least 1.8 to 2 meters so that the distance between the feet and the floor is about 10 to 15cm. You should do this 3 times a day, each for 5 minutes. Try to keep your back straight during practice, so that the spine is pulled. And keep doing this regularly, your height will be improved clearly.

Spine Stretching

This exercise helps not only stretch the spine but also improves your posture. You stand on the floor and stoop so that the hand touches the toes. Bow toward the chest and take a deep breath, forming a curve in the spine.


Hold the position for 5 seconds, exhale and return to the starting position. Repeat this 3 to 5 times.

Body Stretching

Stand up straight so that your feet are next to each other. Breathe deeply and slowly raise the arm above the head, outstretch the arms as much as possible.


Hold for 5 seconds, exhale and return to the starting position. This exercise will help you stretch bone and joint effectively.

Leg Stretching

To perform this exercise you have to sit on the floor with your feet and knees to straighten forward. Raise your arms, inhale and slowly bend forward, touch hands on toes and exhale.


Knee should be kept straight, hold this for 5 seconds, inhale and return to the starting position, repeat this 3 times. Performing this exercise helps stretch the leg muscles which could lengthen your legs.


The yoga exercises are no longer something strange for everyone. Yoga exercises help improve both physical health and mental health effectively. It has been proven to help many people lose weight and live healthier.


Yoga even helps lengthen your spine, creating developing space for your spinal muscles.



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