Are you eating fish in the right way?


Everyone understands that fish is among nutritious food groups which brings many benefits to  health but are you eating fish in the right way? . Eating fish lowers the risk of heart disease, stroke, depression and Alzheimer. Nevertheless, not many people know how to eat this kind of food properly to make the most of its benefit.

Are you eating fish the right way

A recent research by the Medical University of Pittsburgh, the US has concluded that people who regularly eat fish have brain volume in the areas relating to the ability to remember and recognize larger, however, only with those who eat fish made ​​by grilling or broiling instead of fried.

Grill and boil are two processing methods which is conducive to your waistline. For example, about 12 small fried fish provide 280 calo in comparision with 85 calo if they are cooked by steaming or boiling. Therefore, the fries taste delicious but to protect your health, you should focus more on the steam, boil or grill dishes. You can refer to a number of tricks to improve flavor of these kinds of food as follows.

Using types of fat which are beneficial to health

Before cooking, you can use a brush dipping in pure olive oil or coconut oil to rub on the surface of fillets or impregnate them with the sauce that you like for instance tomato sauce, chili sauce or other types of spicy sauces… Once you finish your cooking, let’s prepare and decorate the dishes with foods rich in healthy fats such as avocado (diced or sliced), peanuts, cashews or sesame…

Served with other dishes

After the fish is completed, you should arrange them interspersedly with other healthy foods such as saute spinach, asparagus, boiled beans, grilled potatoes, mashed sweet potatoes, saute mushrooms… For more information, many kinds of salad are also suitable to eat with fish.

 Add the spices and spice leaves

There is a variety of ways to marinate seafood. If you know how to combine spices together, you ‘ll get the dishes which are not only delicious, but also have the effect of preventing and curing some diseases. Some spices which are suitable for fish are lemon juice, lemon skin, black pepper, chopped parsley, minced garlic, minced ginger, turmeric, chili powder, cumin…

Fish should be cooked in many different ways

Besides grilled fish or steamed fish you can use fish as raw material for making a variety of different dishes in the ways that are beneficial to your health, for example soup, stew, or pot-au-feu. In order to diverse the taste of the dishes, it is better if you can combine fish with other seafood or with those containing fiber and vitamins, such as vegetables, fruit… They are both delicious and nutritious. The next time you make fish dishes, you can try bouillabaisse, a favorite kind of soup of French which includes fish, shrimp, crab, vegetable and saffron.

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