A Good Diet For Diabetics


1. Stay away from sweeteners

Sweeteners is the direct cause of diabetes, it increases heavy complications of the disease. A recommendation of doctors for people with diabetes is to avoid absolutely candies, soft drinks, wine …Diabetics should use artificial sweeteners that can replace sugar in drinks such as Aspartame and saccharine.

2. Add more fiber

Foods like fruits , vegetables ,beans, grains can give the body a slow sugar, that helps blood sugar levelis not too high or too low in fiber ,also provides useful  minerals controlling the blood sugar level. People with diabetes should eat about 400 grams of vegetables and fresh fruits each day. However, not all fruits are good ,the patient should avoid sweet fruits like grapes, mangoes, custards…

3. Say “no” with alcohol

When patients drink wine or eat some sugar foods, their blood sugar level will uncontrolledsoar away. Therefore, diabeticsshould limit alcohol absolutely to avoid possible incidents.

4. Limit starch

People with diabetes should eat types of bread such as black bread, brown rice, potatoes, taro… The amount of starch taken into the body of diabetics should be from 50-60 %. Limit starch and use coarse grains instead to ensure a good treatment.

5. Supplement eggs to diet

Egg is a good source of protein with little saturated fat. It also is rich in biotin, folic acid, choline, vitamin A, B, K … that are very beneficial for the brain and nervous system. Moreover, the egg is a very good food for the treatment process of diabetes.



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