9 destructive eating habits


There are 9 destructive eating habits you should avoid:

destructive eating habits

Skip breakfast

Many people have the habit of not eating breakfast to save time. This is a habit caused a lot of harm to the body. When starting a new day, having a ‘healthy’ breakfast is not only a ‘load’ of energy but it also supports the intellectual. Eating breakfast also helps reduce the amount of food intake within that day and the sudden urge to eat will less visit.

An ideal breakfast is a bowl of cereal or barley and cheese with low-fat. Or you can eat two boiled eggs with bread, of course, a combination with vegetables and fresh fruit is essential.

Eat too much before bed

If you want a sweet dream, before bedtime at least 4 hours, you should not eat anything. Although up to now, no specific study can prove that eating before bed will lead to obesity, eating too much fish, spicy foods, high fat or high-caffeine foods, the sleep quality will be affected. If you feel hungry, you can eat some fresh fruit or drink a small glass of milk. One more thing, do not watch television while eating.

Be a glutton

If you are crazy for cabbage or tofu…is very good, but if your favorite are greasy foods like French fries, butter biscuits… the body is easy to put on weight. Nutrition experts say, you should eat 5 to 6 meals per day, it will be a lot better than 3 meals a day. It not only can control the amount of food intake but also produce energy for the body during the whole day.

Starve oneself

A lot of people think that letting their stomach empty can help them lose weight, but it is not true. If you are hungry but you do not feed yourself, it will cause the body to reserve fat when you eat since it ‘fears’ being hungry again… The result is the amount of fat in the body will accumulate more and more.

The best way is to choose fruits, vegetables and just a little meat in every meal. The best method to reduce fat is to diet and exercise regularly.

Eat while working

Eat while working or watching TV will cause the brain not to know how much have been eaten. In the long term, the body may prone to obesity.

Drink too little water

If a person does not drink enough water a day, the metabolic function will be stagnant.

Every day you should drink 8 to 10 glasses of water. If your exercise, the more should you supply your body.

Eat little vegetables and fruits

If you do not eat or eat little vegetables and fruits, then the cost will be very expensive. The value of fresh vegetables and fruits for human health is priceless, for that, every day it is better if you can eat 5 to 10 serving parts of fruit and vegetables.

When the body needs vitamin and mineral, only one way to meet that need: eating more vegetables and fruits.



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