8 great health benefits of lemon you should know


As we know, lemon is a popular fruit which is commonly used in the food and drink, especially in the summer, lemonade would be a very good cobbler for everyone. Besides its refreshment effect, lemon also has many amazing benefits good for your health.


  1. Soothe sore throat

To treat sore throat, you extract lemon juice and add a little chopped peel, then warm it up. After that, add some honey to sweat the mixture. Finally, drink this mixture and your throat will gradually softened. If you still have a sore throat, you can do it again.

  1. Diuretic

Lemon juice is considered as a diuretic medicine, supporting produce urine and helping reduce inflammation by riding of toxins and bacteria. Besides, it also helps reduce arthritis and rheumatism effectively.

  1. Support digestion

Mix a few pieces of lemon with water and drink in the morning every day to help your digestive system work well. In fact, lemon stimulates the liver and it also stimulates your digestive system as well.

  1. Treat nosebleeds

When you got a nosebleed, you can use a cotton swab soaked in lemon juice and wipe the inside of the nose until the bleeding stops. You may feel a bit uncomfortable but this method is very effective.

  1. Anti-inflammatory

Lemon juice is commonly sour, so it will not only kill harmful bacteria, but also will be used to disinfect. You can cut lemon into thin slices and apply on the inflamed or infected area. Note, only use lemon in case of infection or inflammation and use in a short time otherwise it can lead to danger.


  1. Remove wrinkles

You may not know that lemon juice helps fight wrinkles, acne, blackheads and even remove the freckles. You can use lemon juice directly on the skin, then dry and wipe with a little olive oil mixed with water. Your skin will be brighter and dirt will be removed.

  1. Good for teeth

If you accidentally got bleeding gums, you can apply a little bit of lemon juice into the tooth to prevent further bleeding. Besides, lemon also makes your breath fresher and cooler, as well as resisting bacteria in the mouth. In addition, you can use lemon leaves to reduce the tooth pain effectively.

  1. Reduce fever

There are two ways that you can use lemon to reduce the fever. The first one simply drinking a little lemon juice and the second is cutting lemon into thin slices and cover all your body, mainly around the forehead. This way will help the body to sweat and reduce fever as well as illness quickly.



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