8 common vegetables having cancer prevention effects


Scientists said that one of the factors leading to cancer is caused by daily diet. According to the World Health Organization, 30 % of people with cancer are believed to have unhealthy eating habits. Below are 8 common vegetables having cancer prevention effects.

common vegetables

Many studies suggest that regular absorption of food rich in fat, whole milk, butter or bacon can lead to cancer, particularly cancer of the colon and rectum. In contrast, green vegetables, tubers and fruits contain many active antioxidants, vitamins and fiber that contribute to reducing risks of diseases.


Onion contains vescalin (C27H20O8), a natural substance that ‘fights’ against cancer. Research shows that people who regularly eat this vegetable, the risk of gastric cancer is 25% lower in comparison with those who eat less or do not eat. Particularly, in the cases of stomach cancer that applies diet with onion, the mortality rate is 30 % lower.


Asparagus contain high content of vitamin and rutin. It has a certain effect with skin cancer or bladder cancer…Asparagus can be made into many delicious, nutritious as well as healthy dishes.

Sweet potato

This vegetable contains antioxidants, for example beta carotene, vitamin, mineral and fiber that help prevent heart disease, stroke or even cancer. Eating sweet potato every day reduces the risk by 22% of myocardial infarction in women as well as decreasing from 40% to 70 % risk of stroke.


Capsaicin in chili helps with cardiovascular health by improving the ability of dissolving blood clots as well as anti-inflammatory. Capsaicin also slows the growth or even kill cancer cells without damaging surrounding cells.


Tea contains phenylpolyphenol which has anti-cancer effect. Drinking tea can prevent some diseases such as liver cancer and stomach cancer. Research shows that women who drink green tea daily can reduce up to 60% of ovarian cancer risk. Most of tea are good, but green tea is most effective one in anti-cancer effect.


The US and Japanese scientists have discovered a wide variety of fungi such as straw mushrooms, black mushroom, wood ear contain substances that fight against cancer called pholysaccharide.


Lycopene and beta carotene (natural vitamin A) in tomato have antioxidant cells effect, thereby helping to prevent breast cancer, gastric cancer and gastrointestinal tract cancer. To prevent cancer, especially prostate, it is better if you can eat fresh and uncooked tomato.


Carrot contains carotene, protid, lipid, glucide, water, cenluloz, mineral and vitamins C, D, E, B1 and B2. You can use carrot juice for external treatment of some diseases such as acnes, fungus, eczema, burns or wounds. Carrot also supports the treatment of breast cancer and carcinoma. In addition, carrot and green vegetables has cancer preventive effects. According to the study, carrot contains a large amount of substances that are capable of fighting against colon cancer, rectum cancer as well as breast cancer.



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