7 health tips when travelling


To have a wonderful and safe trip, maybe you should take the tips below for consideration and enjoy your relaxing time!


How to avoid travel sickness

– Do not eat too much and also do not let your stomach empty.

– Use proper anti-nausea medications as directed.

– Do not use carbonated drinks or alcohol before and during your trip.

– When the vehicle is turning, circling, or getting into bumpy roads, lean along with the vehicle. When the plane take off or land, you should take a deep breath to minimize discomfort.

How to avoid digestive disorders

When eating, pay special attention to food hygiene:

– Do not eat raw vegetables, ice cream, meat, poultry, seafood or poultry which are not cooked.

– Use purified bottled water instead of boiled water, or folk teas beneficial to the digestive system, such as yellow tea, ginger tea

– Be careful when using strange foods. Try just a little bit to test if you are allergic to any of them.

 Preventing the flu

Pay attention on sudden cold, in addition, do not use to much cold drinks. What is more, do not let the temperature of air conditioner too low in any case of unwanted flu. Last but not least, limit your contact with people with colds, use garlic in meals to prevent the flu.

Prevent fatigue from time zone differences

The  trips across multiple time zones will upset your biological clock which can lead to bloating, insomnia and fatigue. To deal with this situation, after a long trip, take a walk, breathe more fresh air at your destination. More importantly, limit as much as possible laying in a closed room.

Preventing heatstroke

– Wear a hat and sunglasses when going out.- Always bring water and absolutely do not stay long under the sun.- When heatstroking, cold wet towels should be used up the armpits, groin, elbows and neck. Mealwhile, you can soak the hands and forearms into cool water, drink light sugar with a little salt added. If after 1 hour, body temperature is below 390C, your treatment is effective. However, you should then continue to follow within 24 hours at the medical facility for examination and medication as directed by the doctor.

Vitamin supplements

According to scientific studies, green tea is rich in vitamins. For your information,  100g  green tea contain about 500mg of vitamin C. For that reason, green tea is a popular beverage after water and is the preferred choice of healthy beverage, especially on hot days.

Preparation of conventional medicines

Bring some common and useful medicines such as analgesic, antibiotics, diarrhea, oresol, anti-allergy, vitamin, ginger tea… and the ones you are using according to the prescription of doctors, especially cardiovascular, asthma, allergy in case of emergency. If you travel to a strange place, find or ask the number of nearby medical facility because it will probably help when you are in need.

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