7 health benefits of eating seafood


Seafood is a favorite dish of many people around the world both adults and children. In addition to a delicious taste, this dish also has many wonderful health benefits because it is rich in natural vitamins and minerals.


  1. Prevent depression

Most people are likely to suffer from depression due to prolonged stress. Depression is related to low omega-3 fatty acid in the body. Meanwhile, seafood contains compounds that help reduce the risk of dementia, Alzheimer’s and depression by increasing omega3 fatty acids particularly DHA to the body.

  1. Improve vision

In all kinds of seafood, fish is the most omega 3 rich food, so, if you regularly eat this dish, it will be very good for the eyesight. Besides, shrimp and crab are rich in vitamin A, which is also used to improve vision. Those who eat seafood regularly can improve the eye macular degeneration when getting older.

  1. Maintain the heart health

The amount of omega 3 fatty acids in seafood helps prevent your body from the risk of cardiovascular disease as well as reducing the triglycerides in the blood and level of bad cholesterol in the body. According to Medical Daily, the consumption of a seafood serving per week can help reduce the risk of heart attack by 50. So, to ensure heart health, you should eat seafood at least twice a week.

  1. Good for anemia

Besides omega 3, seafood is also rich in iron, zinc and nutrients that are very good to improve the problem of bad anemia. If you regularly eat seafood, it will help increase the body’s hemoglobin level effectively. In addition, zinc in the food also makes your hair more healthy and beautiful.

  1. Maintain strong bones

Calcium in seafood is extremely good for ensuring the health of bones. In fact, if you regularly add seafood in your diet, it will help your body to mitigate the problems related to joint pain and arthritis. Besides, the proteins in the fish also work to help you strengthen muscles after hours of strenuous exercise.

  1. Good for brain

For a long time, seafood is known as a great dish for the brain. Many studies suggest that if pregnant women eat lots of seafood, it will help their baby grow with higher IQs as well as a good mental health.

  1. Good for the digestion

Copper contained in squid are proven to be good for the absorption of nutrients in the body, storage and metabolism of iron as well as hemoglobin formation. However you should remember not to fry squid when processing because it can destroy all its nutrition.



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