‘7 golden rules’ – carefree of nutritional deficiencies


Many people are only interested in the quantity or quality of the meals and forget about balancing nutrition. If the nutritional balance is lost, the body is not getting enough nutrients, this will arise many diseases such as  cardiovascular, obesity or diabetes… But the important thing is how to balance nutrition? Refer to these ‘7 golden rules’ to avoid nutritional deficiencies for the health of your family.

nutritional deficiencies

1 tablespoon of salt

The International Dietetic Association recommends a daily salt intake for adults should not exceed 6 grams, the equivalent of a small beer cap or a teaspoon. In addition to limiting the amount of salt when seasoning, we should also pay attention to the foods that have relatively high salt content, such as sauces, sausages, bacon and other processed foods.

Moreover, eating salted duck eggs, biscuits or other snacks also means that you are offering your body additional salt content outside meals.

2 types of vegetable

Vegetables provide vitamins, minerals, fiber good for the body. So, every day you should eat at least two or more types of vegetable (5 is better), the best of which are fresh and dark green leafy vegetables.

 3 tablespoons of vegetable oil

The number of oil per day should not exceed 30 grams, it is best that you limit to 25 grams or less. This amount is equivalent to 3 tablespoons . In addition, it should be noted that you can frequently change the types of oil as well as using other animal fats.Oil provides the body with fat to stabilize temperature. Ideally you should choose oils that contain unsaturated fatty acids which are beneficial to health such as peanut oil, olive oil and sunflower oil.

 4 starchy foods

Starchy foods are very abundant in vitamin B, minerals and fiber which are beneficial to intestinal health and blood sugar. Plus, they also provide a small amount of healthy fat to the body. Besides rice, you should use other grains, for example brown rice, oat, buckwheat, millet, red bean and other grains, Choose 4 of these starchy foods for your family.

5 spices

In cooking, a small amount of spices can have some certain health effects. Pepper, cinnamon is an important source of natural oxidant for the body. Vinegar and curry are good for controlling sugar in blood. Meanwhile, onions, ginger, garlic…increase appetite and help with detoxification. For that reason, to help your body get the health benefits from spices, you should use up to 5 spices in the meals.

 6 foods containing protein

Foods that provide high quality protein will bring various positive effects to your health. While red meat is rich in iron, fatty fish improves physical health, tofu contains isoflavone good for endocrine, nuts are good for the heart and brain and the other components good for the development of bone can be found in eggs.      

7 cups of water

Provide enough water for the body is one of the essential keys to help you protect your physical and mental health as well as nurturing your beauty. Hence, you need to make sure to drink seven cups of water a day (about 200ml each).



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