7 Fatal mistakes in weight loss can be harmful to your health


Not everyone knows the right methods to lose weight effectively. Some basic mistakes will make your weight loss process inefficient and even affect your health. Therefore, be smart to choose the effective weight loss method with a healthy diet combined with a proper exercising regime. And here are some mistakes that you often get during weight loss.

weight loss

  1. Skip breakfast or any meal in the day

Many people think that to lose weight, they must eat as little as possible. However, this opinion is completely wrong. When you skip breakfast or any meal of the day, it will inadvertently slow the metabolism of the body, affecting fat burning process.

  1. Restrict calories too much

Intake under 1,200 calories per day will be harmful to the body’s metabolism, making you always feel hunger and appetite. Moreover, when your body is lack of calories, you are always in a state of fatigue and lack of energy in all activities.

  1. Completely remove starch

Currently, low carb regime (completely remove starch in the diet) is widely used to lose weight. The cutting of this substance can help you to lose weight faster, but you will also gain weight quickly again when returning to a normal diet.

Also, completely removing a substance in the diet is not recommended because it can affect your health in a long time. Eating too little will affect the metabolism as well as reducing the effectiveness of the fat burning. Ideally, you should add more carb with healthy foods such as grains, brown rice and quinoa.

  1. Lack of necessary vitamin

When losing weight, the body often needs more vitamins and minerals to burn calories as well as preserving muscle tissue. Therefore, do not forget supply more iron, calcium and vitamin D for the body during weight loss.

  1. Use soda to lose weight

Many people mistakenly think that soda products are an effective and healthy method for weight loss. However, many studies have shown that these products use artificial sweeteners, affecting the metabolism and fat burning in the body.

  1. Do not exercise

Many people believe that when they fast, their weight will be certainly decreased. In fact, if you only have diet without exercising, your weight can be reduced, but the body is not toned and healthy. Even when eating less, your body will make you always tired. In addition to healthy diet, you also should combine with workouts to have the best result.

  1. Abstain from black coffee

Many people dare not to drink black coffee during weight loss, but in fact this drink does not affect seriously on the processes. The most important thing is that do not put the sugar, milk into the coffee and drink it moderately.

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