6 tips to eat healthy when travelling by car

We all know that there is a wide range of means of transport for travelling like plane, train or coach, however going by car may be considered to be the most popular way. Nevertheless, many people have to face with a very common disease, travel sickness, which will affect directly our feelings and the trip coming. Therefore, today we will find out some recommendations to tackle this issue as much as possible to have a really nice trip.

6 tips to eat healthy when travelling by car

  1. Plan ahead:

Planning ahead is an easy way of suffering the unhealthy eating choices. You should be more likely to carry some kinds of food with you on the trip if they are pre-packaged, easy-to-eat and handy. You had better prepare a few healthy snacks like snack bars, small carrots, cucumber slices, nuts or fruits, which will be easy-to-open. Another recommendation is that you needn’t try to cook food for taking since it seems to be time-consuming, but you can spend 5 minutes warming up pre-cooked food for carrying.

Plan ahead

  1. Eat at the same time as usual

 You are suggested to stick to your usual eating schedule, even when you are travelling in the car, which will help you stay far away from overeating. If you delay it until later, it will make you feel over-indulge and cranky. Maintaining the meal at the right time provides you chances to break the journey, walk and relax, reconcentrate you and realign your posture. Let’s choose an ideal spot to eat like a park or a river bank due to the fact that you will have the opportunity to discover something interesting, which is absolutely different from your routine.

  1. Make teaor coffee at home

 Making tea, coffee or whatever drinks you like will allow you to drink it the way you like it and keep you far from being tempted at the drive-through window.  Additionally, coffee made at home may contain less caffeine, less acidic and more flavorful than other kinds of coffee you will take from fast food stalls.

  1. Prepare a cooler

 If you will have long trips, some bottles of water put in freezer or a cooler will not only save you a lot of money, but also help you to eat more healthily. As we know, a cooler will keep both drinks and foods cool, and allow you to enjoy luncheon meats and dairy products.

  1. Minimize distractions

Driving needs a lot of attention to stay safe, thus you should keep your eyes on the road and shouldn’t take notice of billboards or posters surrounding the roads. You can also make your eyes occupied by making up words from people’s license plates. Take the scenic route! And then you will have a great amount of beauty to feast on instead.

  1. Use food to stay alert:

Staying alert through the roads is considered to be extremely important as it will affect directly your safety.

Caffeine would be one choice however using too much caffeine can cause headaches and other health-related problems. You may try some tips:

  • Start your travel day with a healthy breakfast (including eggs, bagels, yogurt peanut butter or cereal.
  • Eating fruit on an empty stomach
  • Having more frequent meals during the drive than usual
  • Avoid eating too much meat, which will take longer time to digest
  • Drink a lot to stay hydrated.
  • Choose healthy snacks
  • Chew flavored chewing gum, which will keep you alert
  • Do not overdo foods, which makes you feel sleepy

These above are 6 easy-to-follow tips that you may take to easy healthy while travelling to have a really nice trip and memorable time.

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