6 food help improve the body ’s resistance in children


Resistance is the ability to defend and fight the agent entering the human body such as bacteria and viruses. In children, the body’s resistance is very weak, so they are easy to be attacked by bacteria, causing disease. And in this article, I will share you some foods to help increase the body’s resistance for your baby.

baby’s resistance

  1. Walnuts

Walnuts contain a high rate of omega-3 which helps the child increase their resistance against sickness and reduce some infections of the respiratory tract. Mothers can add walnuts for baby by mixing it into snacks or porridge.

  1. Yogurt

Yogurt helps provide the beneficial bacteria in the gut. Besides, it contains lactobacillus, acidophilus and bifid bacterium which help create the balance and increase the beneficial bacteria in the intestines as well as creating preventive barrier, increasing the body’s resistance. In addition, yogurt also contains some lactose, a best condition for those who have diarrhea when eating dairy. Moreover, yogurt also helps to increase longevity as well.

  1. Green vegetables and fruits

Vegetables and fruits are always the top food to increase resistance because they contain more vitamin C, A and antioxidants. Therefore, parents should add more vegetables and fruits in the menu for the baby. If your baby does not like to eat vegetable, you can make vegetable juice and let them drink.

  1. Lean meat

Lean meat is rich in protein, an important nutrient for maintaining health. Besides, lean meat also contains zinc which helps fight with infection, increasing resistance to the baby.

  1. Sweet potato

Sweet potatoes contain a lot of calories, beta-carotene and vitamin which help strengthen the immune system, protecting the baby from infection by bacteria and viruses cause. Moreover, vitamin C and vitamin E in sweet potatoes would be very important to help the baby have a healthy nervous system.

Sweet potato

  1. Mushroom

Like beef, mushrooms also help increase the number and performance of white blood cells, thereby increasing the body’s resistance. However, do not eat the mushrooms with bright colors because it often contains toxins.

When the baby’s resistance is protected and constantly improved, they will develop better and smarter. So mothers should add these foods to the baby’s daily diet to enhance their resistance quickly. They should also regularly change dishes for the baby, and know how to prepare delicious and attractive food stimulating the baby’s taste.



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