6 best ways to help you fight with travel sickness


You are ready for a great trip with your family and beloved ones? However one of the problems you always worry about is travel sickness. Here are 6 effective ways to help with this problem that you can refer.

travel sickness

  1. Using betel leaves

Before getting in the car around 15 minutes, use about 3 to 4 fresh betel leaves which is crushed into small pieces and put into the navel. You can use a tape or tie to fix the betel leaf in the navel area.

Using betel leaves

Betel leaf helps warm the navel area, so you will not feel carsick any more. In addition, you should also keep 1 to 2 leaves to smell avoiding the smell of gasoline.

  1. Get enough sleep before departure

This is something very important to you. With a poor health due to lack of sleep and anxiety is one of the main reasons that you are prone to get travel sickness or feel nauseous. So make sure to have a deep sleep before departure to enjoy your trip in the best way.

  1. Do not eat too much before departure

Before leaving, try to avoid eating too much, especially you should not drink alcoholic or carbonated beverages. However you also should not get into the car with an empty stomach. Eat just a little to make sure that you are healthy enough to move along during the journey.

  1. Use orange peel

If you get car sick, you should remember to bring a tangerine with you when getting into the car. The oils and fragrance from orange peel will help you feel more comfortable.

orange peel

  1. Drink a glass of warm water mixed with vinegar before departure

To avoid travel sickness, before travelling, you can drink a glass of warm water mixed with a little vinegar. By doing so, you can prevent your travel sickness condition. You should remember to eat something, bread for example, before drinking it.

  1. Take anti motion sickness medication

Currently there are many types of anti-motion sickness medication that you can choose to avoid travel sickness. You should take an anti-motion sickness pill 1 hour before departure to stay healthy during the journey. For those who are suffering from motion sickness in a serious way, you can take 2 tablets or more for the best performance. However, anti-motion sickness medication can also cause dizzy and lightheaded for drinkers.

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