5 things you must do after waking up


You feel tired after waking up and go to work with a bored mood? And this affects the health as well as the work efficiency of your day. So, how to deal with it? Here are some tips for you to overcome this and have a good health.

waking up

  1. Stretch your body

When getting up, the right stand up movement can cause dizziness because by the time blood flow is relatively slow and it cannot timely transport oxygen to the brain.

Instead, you should lie down on the bed for about 5 minutes and take a deep breath. Then stretch the body as a form of moderate exercise, helping the body to relax because sleeping with prone posture in the previous night can make you tired, uncomfortable, even painful when waking up. These exercises will help you feel healthier and reduce muscle pain as well as promoting the circulation in the body.

  1. Drink water

Many people do not have the habit of drinking water when waking up and this is actually a shortcoming. Scientists said that when getting up in the morning whether you are thirsty or not, you also should drink a glass of water. Water helps to replenish lost fluids at night and make you feel fresh. Moreover, drinking water after waking up also increases the secretion of digestive enzymes to promote the circulatory system as well as enhancing toxins.

Drink water

However, you should avoid carbonated beverages because they contain citric acid which can accelerate calcium excretion, lowering blood calcium and causing calcium deficiency.

  1. Sunbathing

Fresh morning air will increase the body’s oxygen, helping you feel fresher and more uplifting. Sunlight in the morning will also increase the amount of serotonin – the chemical has the ability to improve mood. You can stand on the balcony, porch or window to receive the sunlight, and slowly inhale, hold the breath for a moment and exhale, repeat this about 10 times.

  1. Exercise

In fact, a few minutes of morning exercises will help the metabolism work well and the body burn more calories. When you exercise, your body releases endorphins and other hormones which have been shown to enhance strength as well as creating energy for the body. Therefore, morning exercise is really essential to keep you awake and full of energy throughout the day.

  1. Avoid rushing in the work immediately

This action will make the body feel tired and lower your work productivity. If you are too busy, you can completely awake in bed and think about the plan in a day instead of going on the job immediately.



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