5 simple ways to have a good night sleep quickly


Having a good night sleep is really the most important things you can do for your mental health and well-being due to the fact that sleeping enough gives time for your body and energy to recover from the stress that you have suffered in the previous day as well as helps you to be conscious and keep focused during the next day. Therefore, it is extremely importantly to have adequate sleep, so let’s look at some easy-to-follow steps below to have better sleep if you have to deal with insomnia.

  1. Taking a warm bath/ shower before sleeping.

Having a nice bath or shower will make you relax after a stressful working day, more importantly afterwards your body will cool down and then helps you to sleep much better.

Taking a warm bath

  1. Keeping naked when sleeping:

Some sleep experts at Chicago University have stated that keeping nude when sleeping will help you regulate your temperature because you can enjoy a comfortable temperature by using duvet, blankets, pillows or sheets. Sometimes, you may prefer to sleep with your arms and head out from under the bedclothes, unless the room is very cold. Additionally, it is better to keep an extra blanket right by the bed in case you feel cold at midnight.

You also need to keep feet warm enough because cold feet can make you awake. However, if you like wearing pajamas because of feeling comfortable, loose cotton ones are highly recommended since they breathe more easily than other kinds of fabrics.

  1. Sleeping in different positions:

Varying your sleeping position will make a significant positive change in the quality of your sleep. Hence, there are some suggestions that you should try such as maintaining your head and neck roughly straight, called “mid-line” or avoiding sleeping on your stomach by putting your pillow in the right position (under your head).

Sleeping in different positions

  1. Using a suitable pillow

 Pillow is considered to be the main factor contributing to your sleep quality. If it is too thin,  your head will tilt backwards, which is really uncomfortable for you to sleep. Similarly, you shouldn’t stack your pillows so that your head is propped at an angle. You had better place a pillow between your legs if you sleep on your side, which will support hips and make this position more comfortable as a result. Also placing a pillow under your legs is good, if you sleep on your back.

suitable pillow

  1. Reduce your light exposure about an hour or two before sleeping

Bright light before sleeping can disrupt your biological clock; therefore, let’s try to stay far away from them by some simple ways like: stop watching TV and using your tablet or smart phone  one or two hours before bedtime, mitigate all sources of light (cable boxes, computer lights, windows or clock). Nevertheless, if these lights still interrupt or prevent you from sleeping, you can try wearing an eye mask or even lavender eye pillows, which can be much more comfortable.

Reduce your light exposure

These above are simple ways that you can try to sleep easily and have a good night sleep!



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