5 great yoga exercises for healthy eyes


In fact, it only takes you 3 minutes to have healthy eyes with some simple yoga exercises. Researchers said that daily yoga can help effectively improve vision, prevent eye disease and bring pleasant feeling as well as reducing eyestrain immediately. Therefore, for bright and healthy eyes, beside the addition of nutrients, you should practice 5 following yoga exercises to relieve all tired after long hours at work with your computer.

  1. Use the palms to relax the eyes

– First, carefully rubbing palms together in 10 to 15 seconds until they warm.

– Close your eyes and gently put your hand on your eyes, with the fingertips on the forehead and palms on the eyes, but do not touch directly on it.

– Breathe deeply and relax. When you feel comfortable, gently release your hands from your eyes and slowly open the eyes.

relax the eyes

  1. Close and open the eyes alternately

– Sitting upright, relax the body and face. Enlarge your eyes maximum, and then closed.

– Repeat this 15 to 20 times to relax the muscles around the eyes.

  1. Stretch the eyes to 4 sides

– Relax your body and breathe gently.

– Outstretch the arms, holding hands and thumb slightly upwards, head straight.

– Eyes glance to the right side, focusing on the thumb, and then slowly move your gaze to the left side. Do the same with the up and down sides.

– Initially, you can fell difficult and somewhat sore eyes but after 3 to 4 times, your eyes will be appeased and would be very comfortable after you finish training.

– Repeat this 10 times, then close your eyes and relax.

  1. Focus on one point

– Comfortably sit on the floor and focus on your nose’s tip. This action has the effect of improve the vision effectively as well as coordinating the brain activities with the eyes movement.

  1. Move eyes in the dark

– Sit on the floor and fold the legs.

– Close your eyes and move eyeballs around. This is a more advanced exercise which has a remarkable effect for relaxing eyes. In addition, this exercise is especially suitable to practice after long hours at work.

Move eyes in the dark

For best results, you should practice two hours / times during working hours. And for those who have to use a computer regularly, they should combine these exercises with the movement of the whole body around the room to relax for a few minutes.



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