5 great health benefits of grapes


Grape is a nutrient fruit which is not only good for beauty care but also beneficial for your health. For every 100g of grapes, we can get 71 calories, 10 to 12g of sugar and 11 mg of vitamin C (18% of daily needs).


  1. Contain antioxidant and prevent cancer

Grapes contain a high rate of polyphenols which have antioxidant effects, protecting the cells and cytoplasm in the body and against the formation of free radicals. Therefore, eating grapes help people young longer, reduce wrinkles and increase resistance against the entry of virus.

In particular, in the thin crust of grape seed, scientists find resveratrol which has a chemical structure similar to estrogen hormone in humans. They are effective in reducing cholesterol and protect blood vessels in the body.

  1. Protect cardio health

Red grape juice has a direct impact on the coagulation response and it helps increase the concentration of antioxidants as well as reducing free radicals in the cardiovascular system.

In addition, grapes are capable of dilating blood vessels and support blood flow easily. It also works to help relax your blood vessels, making their diameter larger. At the same time, it lowers blood pressure, allowing a greater volume of blood flowing through all the organs of the body, increasing nutrients and oxygen to the cells. Besides, other studies also show that only 10 mg of grape has significant effect in reducing the risk of heart attack.

  1. Detoxification effect

Many studies have proved that grapes are really helpful in excreting toxins in the body. In which, grapes help sweep away the harmful toxins in the body, and are useful for the regeneration of blood. In addition, the amount of water, high potassium (diuretic effect) and fiber (promoting digestion process) in the fruit also help increases the detoxification process.

  1. Treat migraines

The most effective way to get rid of migraines is that you should use grape juice in the early morning every day. After a certain time of drinking this beverage, your migraines will be improved clearly.

Treat migraines

  1. Improve immune system

Grapes contain a high rate of glucose, fructose, vitamins and minerals which effectively help increase the body’s resistance. In addition, stilbenoid compounds including resveratrol in red grapes will cooperate with vitamin D helps increase expression of the CAMP gene, a gene that plays a key role in the immune system. Therefore, you should add more this fruit in your family‚Äôs diet to have healthy body.



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