5 foods to boost your energy


Everyone knows the feeling after rolling around, when all your energy has run out. That is the time when you can clearly realise the importance of energy, leading to the rising demand for it. Normally people add energy by coming to the high calorie bars for some energy drinks. However, there is also another way to boost your energy, without having to break the diet.

  1. Sugar-free gum.

 It has been well proved that chewing gum helps raise the heart rate and boost blood flow to your brain, resulting in alertness rise. What’s more, your senses are far more effectively waken up when you opt for mind flavoured stick. Chewing gum is not only easily accessible but also hassle-free; hence, it is considered a good choice to use that item to bring back your energy.

Sugar-free gum

  1. Cardamom.

Cardamom is the dried seeds of a Southeast Asian plant, used in cooking as a spice. That popular spice boosts blood flow within your body, increasing your energy supply. Making use of this one is just a simple task. Just by adding it to your chicken or meat spice blend, or sprinkling it over the vegetables, you have easily integrate cardamom into your meals. In addition, you can use a mug of chai tea, as it is a great source of that energy-improving spice.


  1. Spinach.

 That iron-rich kind of vegetable is actually what you need for your salad. Research found that low iron levels in your body are associated with low energy levels. The reason is that iron plays as the key component in oxygen transportation in your body. It’s estimated that two cups of spinach contain 12mg of iron. In other words, it provides more than half of your daily intake that is recommended. Moreover, spinach is also fiber-rich, which helps boost your energy.

  1. Pistachios.

 Pistachios is high in fiber and protein, which is helpful in stabilizing your blood sugar, leading to longer-last energy. 25 pistachios only weigh in at 100 calories but it supplies a whopping 6g of protein and 2g of fiber. That is to say, that snack is obviously what the calories – concious need to improve their energy levels.


  1. Water.

Last but not least, water is a useful thing to opt for. The feeling of tired is the signal of dehydration. Instead of having a cup of coffee, use water. In order to improve your water intake as well as your fiber intake, you should add some more water-rich foods to your meals like cucumbers or lettuce.




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