4 ways to help a good bedtime


We all know that sleeping has posed a lot of effects on our health, thus good bedtime is extremely important to your physical as well as emotional well-being because it will help you have better feelings and boost productivity on your next day of stress and anxiety. There are numerous ways to work on setting up a quality bedtime routine.

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  1. Consume caffeine early in the day

Coffee, which contains high level of caffeine, is an favorite drink of many people in the morning or even throughout the day, however it’s pity that this kind of beverage is not good for your health at all, but first for your sleep health. Be conscious about the time and the amount of caffeine you consume:

  • About three cups of coffee per day will be appropriate when they are not associated with any health-related problems. However, even when you consume only a moderate amount of caffeine late in the day, it still affects your sleep since caffeine is a stimulant and increase alertness or induce anxiety.
  • Let’s keep your caffeine consumption early (in the morning, for example). Additionally, you need to avoid drinking these beverages after 2pm.

Other sources of caffeine:  teas and many sodas

  1. Manage your workout routine

Practicing regular physical activities brings a lot of great benefits to your physical and mental health, especially makes you sleep more easily. But, exercising too late with high-intensity exercises in the day will cause sleeping more difficult.

  • Try some vigorous physical aerobic activites like walking or jogging 3 or 4 times per week, which can help with your overall health and regulate your circadian rhythm. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t engage in vigorous exercise among 2 to 3 hours before bedtime.
  • If physical activities make you unwind after a long day, let’s try moderate activity like a brief walk .
  1. Wind down before sleep

Using an established ritual you associate with the bedtime will help signal your body that it is time to wind down and take rest. Bear in mind to have a low-key and relaxing activity before bedtime.

  • Having non-caffeinated teas (chamomile or SleepyTime tea) is a good idea because it has a calming effect for some.
  • Reading is a good choice to slow your mind down in preparation for sleeping. Novels, magazines, comics, or love stories are highly recommended.
  • Watching TV can affect your sleep directly, because of the light it produces to your eyes. However, your favorite shows or movies that helps you calm down, might be all right.
  1. Manage your stress

Stress, depression and anxiety may pose negative influences on your sleeping. If this is the case, you should figure out some feasible ways to manage your stress more effectively and help you regulate your sleep schedule better:

  • Practicing meditation is a suggestion to shut your mind off before
  • Journaling may help with troublesome thoughts. Let’s try writing down your worries and difficulties in a notebook, then putting it aside, then it might help you throw away negative thoughts out of your mind so they can’t bother you anymore.
  • If you often have to deal with depression or anxiety, you had better find a therapist or consult a counselor to get advice and come up with some solutions to tackle it as soon as possible, to make you feel more comfortable and sleep better.

These above are 4 simple tips that you may take up to have a really good bedtime.



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