4 types of diet for you to avoid overweight


Overweight or even obesity is the major physical health problem that many people have faced with; therefore, finding some ways especially cheap and simple ones is highly appreciated because not all of them have enough time and money to pursue or take up. Today we will find out the most 4 simple restriction diets as well as their advantages and disadvantages to choose the most suitable one for yourself.

  1. Low-calorie diet

It is considered to be one of the easiest diets to follow due to the fact that on this kind of diet, you simply reduce the amount of calories you are taking. It means that the fewer you get, the quicker you lose weight because many people believe that fewer calories links directly to weight loss.

Low-calorie diet

  • Advantages: we do not have to limit our favorite food, however, we need consume in appropriate controlled portion.
  • Disadvantages: it requires calculation and constant diligence to be on track of everyfood you eat and drink. Additionally, you will find it hard to keep the weight off when getting caloric intake has been a normal part of your meal.
  • Who should follow? Good for strict, busy people
  1. No-carb diet. 

If you want to lose weight quickly, you had better take up this kind of diet, though it is not effective for everyone. On this diet, you will eat a lot of cheese, eggs, meat, vegetables. Scientists pointed that when your body does not have carbs to burn, it will enter a state of ketosis and it goes straight to burning fat.

No-carb diet

  • Pros: easy-to-follow, permits you to eat delicious and fatty foods than other restriction diets, no calorie restriction, you do not have hungry feelings
  • Cons: people often feel sick at the first 2 weeks, limit plenty of foods, quite difficult to maintain and easy to get bored
  • Who should follow? a great cook, if you don’t mind eating the same things day in and day out

3. Low-fat diet

 On this diet, you need focus on fat, especially trans fats. It is believed that higher in calories than protein and with restricted fat intake, you are restricting caloric intake to boot.

Low-fat diet

  • Pros: easy, eat lots of fruits and vegetables
  • Cons: Low-fat doesn’t mean low-sugar or low salt
  • Who? meat-and-cheese lovers, those want lose weight rapidly

4. Vegetarian

Of course, you aren’t allowed to eat meat, no animal products. Generally, this kind of diet is low-calorie, low-fat, but includes many essential nutrients.


  • Pros: animal friendly, lower cholesterol amount and blood pressure.
  • Cons: lack of essential proteins that plants often don’t have. Sometimes, it will not result in weight loss
  • Who?Suitable for those who do not care much about meat (a meat-eater), and who are not on a restricted budget (fresh products can be expensive)

These above are 4 most favorable restriction diets, let’s consider carefully and choose the most suitable and reasonable one for yourself to fulfill your dream of having a good shape.

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