4 simple exercises to firm your breast


There are many women unconfident with their breast which is less firm and small. However, now, you can completely solve this problem by doing these 4 following simple exercises to have a round and firming breast, it is sure that your bust size will be significantly increased as well.

4 simple exercises to firm your breast

  1. Swimming

This sport not only helps develop the height or improve our health but also strongly support for increasing your bust size. As we know, swimming helps develop muscles which bring you a firming breast.


You should regularly go swimming to achieve a better efficiency. This method will not waste you a lot time or money because you don’t need to use any expensive equipment like other exercises, just jump into the water and swim around.

  1. Pushing Exercise

Pushing is not only an effective exercise to build muscle for men but also very useful for women to firm your breast. You can practice this exercise anywhere and anytime you want.

Pushing Exercise

To do it, you lie face down on the floor with your legs closing and arms outstretching straight, then hand on the floor. Then you slowly lower your chest down to almost touch the floor, hold this position for few seconds and repeat the movement. You should do this exercise from 10 to 20 times each day. You see, this movement is both easy to implement and not costly at all.

  1. Lifting weights

Lifting exercises are also used by many women to firm their breast. It is not only simple but also can be done whenever you want.

You lie back on the ball or chair, lift weights straight up and down in front of your chest. You should notice that the lifting weights on two hands must be equal and you only use your hands, not the shoulders to lift weights.

  1. Massage

Massage is also an effective way to help you have a plump chest. You massage gently and circularly around the breasts to stimulate mammary gland’s development. According to experts, massaging breast while you are bathing will increase the efficiency of method, helping blood circulation better as well as stimulating mammary gland’s development.


You should keep the water temperature not too hot or too cold because when the temperature is too low, it will prevent blood circulation, while too high temperature will hurt the chest. Also, when bathing if you let the water flow gently down your chest, it will make your chest more toned.

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