4 reasons for practicing yoga regularly


In fact, yoga has many health benefits and it is also is a great additional exercise for athletes of other sports – from dance, football and basketball. In addition, it has been proven to be capable of preventing injuries by increasing flexibility and concentration as well as reducing anxiety and bad mood.


Besides, before practicing any sport, you can also do yoga to relax the body and gradually get used to the movements. And here are a few benefits that yoga brings us to have a healthy body.

  1. Good for your sex life

In addition to benefits such as helping the body stronger, more flexible or more relaxed, yoga also can effectively make your sex life better.

A study at Harvard University show that 75% of women who practice yoga can gain better orgasms than women who do not do yoga. For men, a study in 2007 also found that yoga will help them keep their performances better than normal.

  1. Have a healthy skin

With some movements like twisting or deep breath, yoga can make the body sweat. It is a form of massage for body organs to carry more oxygen to the other parts, enhancing blood circulation as well as improving the flow of lymph.

Besides, all these effects also help balance hormones and detoxify the body. Once your body is detoxified through sweat, your skin will be stronger and healthier. However, after sweating, you need to remove the sweat quickly to prevent it combined with dirt causing harmful bacteria to the skin.

  1. Help you sleep better

A better sleep will make the function of your skin and the whole body operates more efficiently. A study at the University of Texas said that just practicing yoga 20 minutes a week can help cancer patients sleep faster and more deeply.

Help you sleep better

In addition, a longer sleep also helps your facial muscles get plenty of rest and as a result, the skin cells are quickly reconstructed to make you look more youthful.

  1. Slow aging

A recent study has shown that people who practice yoga for about 9 years is often younger than those who do not exercise. That is because yoga helps improve the blood circulation and detoxification in the body effectively, making the body organs healthier, avoiding injury or dysfunction early.

Therefore, you should create for yourself the habit of exercising yoga regularly to look prettier.



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