4 easy ways to make her take the initiative


These following ways can help you make your girl take the initiative next time.

A guy, in deed, initiates sex in your relationship for most of the time. It’s not that your girl doesn’t want as much sex as you; it’s just that you’re the one who plays the active role in your sexual life.


Ph.D Tracy Thomas, a psychologist and relationship expert, explained the reasons for this phenomenon. One of the major factors is the traditional gender roles. Women are worried that they might not be accepted, and appreciated as feminine if they took the initiative.

However, it is not that difficult to persuade her. You can create an atmosphere in which she does not feel ashamed, getting her in the mood. And then, make her feel safe enough to surrender to her sexual desires. Here are 4 easy tips to make her come onto you.

Start early

As woman needs more time to warm up, seduction should be started long before taking all your clothes off. To get her in the mood later, foreplay needed to be taken in the morning, before you go to work. Just do enough, to make her want more, but not while she is doing her make-up. Along with kisses in the morning, you also need to send her text messages, give her a call during the day. And when you get home, she is ready there to come onto you.

 Choose your battles

Argument does not go with sexy atmosphere, unless you are in a movie. April Masini, a relationship expert, being always right, is sometimes the obstacle to being happy, and also obstacle to romance. Thus, consider carefully whether you want to have an argument with your girls to happen.

If they are just heated stories such as politics, world peace, or superman, you do not need to be right all the times. Getting in her viewpoints, so that it may keep her in the good mood.

Be positive about her initiatives

Remember not to stop her when she is trying to take initiative, even when it’s actually not good. That behaviour might make her feel like you don’t like her to do so, or even you want to reject her. Under no circumstances should you tell her that she needs to do much better, or take back the initiative while she is on the go.


When she initiates, it’s essential for you to be super-positive about that, and she will do it, again and again.

Make her pleasure a priority

You want to feel pleasure in bed, so does your girl. Once she feels good, she may please her, and have more sex. If you do not know what she likes in bed, find a suitable time to make a conversation to ask her about that. Of course it’s not when you’re in the bed. Make her pleasure a priority is that important. “The more sex you have, the more sex you will have”, Masini says.



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