3 ways to help you reduce stress instantly


Life is so busy and the list of “things to do” seems to never run out. Your work schedule is busy with many tasks to complete or the important appointments with partners? That’s not to mention the headaches when you have to take care of the children, if married. At such times, the pressure is unavoidable and it is important that we have to figure out how to remove these “psychological rocks” and continue to move forward.

stress and anxiety

Dr. Long Gillespie Darria recently launched 3 tips to help you reduce stress immediately. Let’s refer.

  1. Dancing

Many people choose to walk when there are too many issues to think about. It is also a good idea but if you are alone (or at crowded places, but you are not afraid), the better way is dancing. Although you are not professional dancers or your movements are clumsy, do not worry, let turn up the music and start to dance.

Dancing is one of the best ways to relieve those negative emotions, and help exercise your endurance. Just choose joyful songs, sing along and sway your body, you will find good spirits immediately.

  1. Talk to your mother, sister or friends

According to Keith Roach, the Director of Health Centre in Sharecare, confiding to others is one of the best ways to combat the negative emotions and stress in your life. Having a network of good social relations, especially in regular contact with beloved ones also help you live longer because friends and family members will not only help you “survive” through the hardest times of stress but also a source of encouragement for you to continue for your goals.

Talk to your mother, sister or friends

If you do not believe, just try once to call your mom when stalled. Whether you’re excluding your difficulties or not, but just listening to the voice of your mother and hearing your mother ask are also enough for you to feel better.

  1. Take the TV and electronics out of the bedroom

A deep sleep also improves your mood significantly. However, there are still a growing number of people suffering from insomnia and sleep problems because they have a habit of using the intelligent electronic devices before bedtime, such as watching TV, surfing the social networks, checking email, playing games on laptops and so on.

Take the TV and electronics out of the bedroom

Studies have shown that these activities impede the secretion of melatonin – the hormone that helps control your sleep. Therefore, it is best to keep yourselves away from these devices and take them out of the bedroom. And remember that sleep is important and it needs guaranteeing if you want to have a good health.



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